TV on Tap: Rupert Grint Signs Up for a Comedy Pilot, “The Jeff Probst Show” Has Its Torch Put Out and ABC Delays “Happy Endings”

It’s a Glee Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day.


I guess Rupert Grint is the new Earl Hickey? The Harry Potter star has been cast as the star of Super Clyde, a CBS comedy pilot from My Name is Earl creator Greg Garcia. Grint will play an awkward fast food employee and superhero fanboy who inherits a lot of money and decides to use it to become a super hero who helps the deserving.

In further bad news for Up All Night, NBC has reduced its order from five episodes to just one, according to Deadline.

There’s an NBC comedy pilot set in the 80s with J.K. Simmons and Parker Posey playing a married couple. I don’t know what to think of that.

After struggling to find an audience all season, The Jeff Probst Show has been cancelled, despite starting out with a two-year order. Probst has strong hosting skills but, much like Anderson Cooper, Probst struggled to reconcile what we know of him from his regular job and the constraints of daytime TV.

This is great news. Claire Holt has joined the cast of The Vampire Diaries spin-off The Originals. At least, it’s great news if you’re looking at The Originals as a way to finally get rid of characters that have been dragging down The Vampire Diaries.

While Matthew Rhys gets a bit of a nostalgia kick from his period drama The Americans he admitted to Vulture that even he’s surprised by the technology on the show, “They bring this stuff out and even I think, Is this from the 1940s? You forget. But that lends itself to the series. It was more about human ingenuity at that time and not about high-tech computers and cameras.”

Why are moments like the one when Marco Rubio reaching for the water bottle during his response to the State of the Union speech so compelling? NPR’s Linda Holmes argues that it’s the nature of seeing something so unscripted in a moment that has otherwise been planned out to the tiniest detail, much like a blooper reel.

CBS’ summer adaptation of Stephen King’s Under the Dome just added Pan Am hunk Mike Vogel to its cast.

Dagmara Dominczyk, Patrick Wilson’s size ten wife with a muffin top, called out at least one person complaining about last week’s Girls and calling it unrealistic for a guy as stunning as Wilson to fall for a woman who looks like Lena Dunham. Good for her.

Dylan McDermott Dermott Mulroney Dylan McDermott has joined a drama pilot with Toni Collette. Hostages follows a surgeon who discovers a conspiracy and OH NOT ANOTHER ONE. I can’t remember the last good conspiracy drama.

Yeah, at this point, it’s starting to feel like only the syndication gods can save Happy Endings. Then again, maybe it will turn out that Friday is a great night for cult-fave comedies.

Everyone involved with Cougar Town would like to see the State of the Union speech become a monthly, if not weekly, event.


Anderson Live (syndicated) Check local listings
Christie Brinkley is Anderson’s guest-host for a show that includes guests Jackie Collins and chef Aaron McCargo.

Days of Our Lives (NBC) Check local listings
It’s Black Thursday for Will as a surprise present turns into a reminder that Sonny is dating another guy. This demands a liveblog, so be sure to join us starting at 1 PM Eastern!

The Vampire Diaries (CW) 8:00 PM ET
After starting out looking like an attempt to turn Twilight into a TV series, The Vampire Diaries has a Twilight star to show off as the island team runs into a Hunter who might be one of The Five.

The Big Bang Theory (CBS) 8:00 PM ET
It’s a dark Valentine’s Day for the Raj/Stuart shippers as tonight introduces Kate Minucci (who is wonderful) as Raj’s new love interest, but at least we get to see Raj and Stuart throw a Lonely Hearts party together.

Community (NBC) 8:00 PM ET
The Greendale gang are trying to catch up on all those holidays they missed during recess so it’s time to turn in their “How We Spent Our Halloween” essays. The Raj/Stuart shippers may be disappointed in tonight’s Big Bang Theory but (if my guess is right) Troy and Abed are wearing a positively adorable couples’ costume.

Zero Hour (ABC) 8:00 PM ET
ABC is taking its most challenging time slot and handing it over to a conspiracy thriller about evil Nazi clocks. The mix of Thursday night and conspiracy thriller probably does not suggest that this show has a better chance than Last Resort, but it does have Anthony Edwards and Greek alum Scott Michael Foster participating in this exercise in making TV critics scream “What has Dan Brown wrought?” at their TVs.

Parks & Recreation (NBC) 8:30 PM ET
What’s the wedding of the millennium when you’ve got a black tie fundraiser for a park to organize? Yeah, a policy nerd like Leslie has got love that — except this gala is interrupted by a city-wide response drill. Huh, forced to pick between raising money for city services and her duties as an elected official, how will a policy nerd like Leslie ever decide?

Glee (Fox) 9:00 PM ET
Oh. Boy. Glee’s Valentine’s Day episode falls on Valentine’s Day this year. How will it mess with us?

Comic Book Men (AMC) 9:00 PM ET
Freakshow (AMC) 9:30 PM ET
Immortalized (AMC) 10:00 PM ET
Say goodbye to jokes about the kind of programming that follows AMC’s critically-praised scripted dramas, since the channel’s reality shows are getting their own night. Ever wonder what it would be like if you took the phrase “the Project Runway of taxidermy” and didn’t use it in a comedy sketch show? AMC has the answer on Immortalized. Really.

The Office (NBC) 9:00 PM ET
Andy tries to deal with his break-up, while Pam tries to find a job in Philadelphia. I didn’t expect The Office’s final season to serve as a warning about the dangers of taking your partner for granted, but I guess we got one side of that in the series’ first few seasons, might as well go full circle.

Project Runway (Lifetime) 9:00 PM ET
Bette Midler joins the judges this week as the teams are challenged to work with hard and soft materials. I think that means you should brace yourself for saucy puns.

Anger Management (FX) 9:30 PM ET
As if Charlie weren’t already pretty shady, his latest technique involves prescribing a placebo pill… and if it weren’t cringe-inducing enough watching Charlie Sheen, this one adds Stacy Keach.

Scandal (ABC) 10:00 PM ET
Aww, is no one going to go down for stealing an election? I want to see more than a corrupt, dying judge hastened to her demise. Tonight’s episode jumps forward several months as Fitz tries to figure out who he can trust (the answer is no one) and Olivia meets a cute new guy (Scott Foley). So. At least we get a cute new guy.

Suits (USA) 10:00 PM ET
First it was Hardman now Dana’s back and causing trouble. It’s almost like they think they’re the Patti Nyholm and Louis Canning of Suits.

Archer (FX) 10:00 PM ET
Remember those bits about Barry being trapped up in that satellite? We’re getting back to that as Katya asks Sterling to save him.

King of the Nerds (TBS) 10:00 PM ET
The show adds one more nerdy challenge that would totally stump me as I see a Rubik’s cube in the previews. Celeste better bring it.

Kathy (Bravo) 10:00 PM ET
Brand X with Russell Brand (FX) 11:30 PM ET
In what seems to be a exchange program between cable talk shows that get broadcast live, Kathy Griffin will appear on Brand X while Russell Brand will visit Kathy. I’m really hoping this Brand is having one of his funny days.

Elementary (CBS) 10:00 PM ET
A few episodes ago, Sherlock and Joan encountered an Asian man who claimed not to speak English and I was bracing myself for a scene where Joan furiously explain that she was not born with the ability to communicate in the languages of East Asian countries only for Elementary to dodge that stereotype. Tonight, Sherlock tries to convince Joan that some self-defense classes might be useful in their line of work. I’m feeling encouraged, but maybe that’s just because Hollywood has trained me to set the bar low.

The Colbert Report (Comedy Central) 11:30 PM ET
As a former Bay Area resident, I’m no fan of Gavin Newsom, but he’s talking with Stephen tonight.

The Late Show with David Letterman (CBS) 11:35 PM ET
Tonight’s show has a performance by Dave Grohl & the Sound City Players who are being joined by Stevie Nicks.

Newsreaders (Adult Swim) Midnight ET
A “gay camp” is the subject of tonight’s investigation.

What will you be watching tonight? Please share in the comments!

Tomorrow’s Preview

Anderson Live (syndicated) Check local listings
Anderson got Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough talking about their new movie tomorrow.

Days of Our Lives (NBC) Check local listings
It sounds like there’s more disappointment for Will tomorrow.


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