TV on Tap: The Newest “Happy Endings” Hunk, Kristin Chenoweth Makes a Surprise Return to “The Good Wife” and Let the Talk of a “Terriers” Movie Begin

Attack of the Show, your viewing figures are about to go up.”


Happy Endings has found a new love interest for Penny when the comedy returns. Nick Zano will romance penny in at least six episodes. I think it’s time to remind the Happy Endings producers how often they got James Wolk’s shirt off, something the team at 2 Broke Girls neglected.

I cannot overstate my disappointment that the internet did not recognize a classic Simpsons reference. Still, I was impressed at the photoshop skills of the person who altered the graphic the first time I saw it.

I am cautiously excited about the news that Bryan Cranston and Catherine O’Hara will appear in the final season of 30 Rock. I say cautiously because there have been too many times I got excited about the hysterical O’Hara being cast in a film, only to walk out of the theatre months later muttering, “Why buy beef tenderloin when you’re going to throw it in the food processor to make Hamburger Helper?” O’Hara will play Kenneth’s mother while Cranston will play her “friend.”

It’s looking like the upcoming season of Community will feature a lot of Inspector Spacetime as Battlestar Galatica alumTricia Helfer will appear as a “superfan” of the series.

Shawn Ryan has been talking about the possibility of turning to fans to help fund a Terriers movie, though that’s a big longshot.

As many television critics predicted, Utah CW affiliate KUCW will air The New Normal. KUCW has picked up the series after the state’s primary NBC affiliate, KSL has refused to air it, like Saturday Night Live or GLBT-inclusive shows like The Playboy Club and Coupling.

In surprising news, Kristin Chenoweth returned to film a scene for The Good Wife. I’m just thrilled to hear she was well enough.

Friday, Rachel Maddow joked about how the network coverage of the Republican National Convention had Saving Hope as a lead-in to emphasize the importance of the time Clint Eastwood spent talking to a chair. This year, that might have been a boost to the convention as the supernatural hospital drama hit a summer high in the ratings.


Degrassi Marathon (Teen Nick) starting at 10:00 PM ET
If you haven’t watched the latest telenovela-style season of Degrassi, its well worth the effort to catch up with today’s marathon which includes all twelve hours. By now, I’ve been complaining about the plotting on Degrassi for half of the series’ lifespan and this season was a callback to Degrassi’s high point.

Switched at Birth Marathon starting at 7:00 AM ET
ABC Family warms up audiences for the return of its hit drama with an all-day marathon. I think this is ABC Family’s way of saying youu shouldn’t complain about being lost after a six-month hiatus.

Attack of the Show (G4) 7:00 PM ET
Theoretically I should like AOTS, but every time I tried to watch I discovered I couldn’t take more than a few minutues of host Kevin Pereira. In light of Pereira’s departure I’ve been meaning to give AOTS another chance, and this week they have John Barrowman guest-hosting. That’s incentive to set the DVR.

Switched at Birth (ABC Family) 8:00 PM ET
Since Bay was quickly running out of guys to date, she’s had to take a trip abroad and bring a new boy to town to avoid turning Switched at Birth into one of those shows that gets stuck on the same love triangle like a… like a… sigh, MP3 files don’t get scratched and end up playing the same little segment over and over again the way records and CD do, so what’s the apt analogy now?

The L.A. Complex (CW) 8:00 PM ET
The description for tonight’s episode says that Kal “may have finally met his match,” but I have no idea if that means the arsonist stalker or the stalker’s hot lawyer. Either way, I can’t wait to see how it turns out. Meanwhile, can Raquel step away from being “just awful” after what she’s done?

Coma (A&E) 9:00 PM ET
Following in the footsteps of its remake of The Andromeda Strain A&E is turning a thriller from the 1970s into a four-hour miniseries. This one has Lauren Ambrose and Steven Pasquale stepping into Genevieve Bujold and Michael Douglas’s shoes, but with Ellen “The Dowager Countess of DC” Burstyn and Geena Davis rounding out the cast, we’re hoping this one doesn’t hesitate to throw in the campy moments.

Major Crimes (TNT) 9:00 PM ET
Rusty isn’t the only one who gets to throw out the funny lines tonight as Michael Weatherly shows up as an intuitive crime-solver. That’s right, Major Crimes is satisfying your desire to see how things would go in if Psych and The Closer crossed over. Unsuprisingly, it involves Provenza being skeptical and grumpy.

Grimm (NBC) 10:00 PM ET
There’s a mysterious disease affecting the wessen and once Rosalee has an encounter with someone who is infected… well, I hope Grimm has a second herbalist ready.

In the Big House (Logo) 10:30 PM ET
For its first season finale, Logo’s newest reality series goes full sitcom as Michel and Jay go on vacation and ask Lou to take charge of Fubar for a night.

What will you be watching tonight? Please share in the comments!

Trivia Triptych

Congratulations to chronomaxx who was the first to guess the solution to this week’s trivia challenge:


All three characters — Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub) from Monk, Dr. Kevin Casey (Michael J. Fox) from Scrubs and Glee’s Emma Pillsbury — are depicted as living with OCD.


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