TV on Tap: “Top Chef Masters”‘ Gay Fourth Season, The CW is Staying at “The L.A. Complex,” and Answering “Revenge” Questions

Fridays are getting a little scandalous on Logo.


Revenge creator Mike Kelley told TV Line that there definitely was a major death in the season finale. For the purposes of that conversation, Victoria was a minor recurring character, right?

Grant Bowler has joined Lifetime’s Elizabeth Taylor biopic. He’ll play Richard Burton.

After getting bounced around to different channels, the Daytime Emmys will air on HLN this year.

This is going to be a busy summer for Brenda Strong fans. In addition to her role on Dallas, she’ll be narrating Investigation Discovery’s Blood Relatives, which is a true crime series focusing on crimes people committed against family members.

Here’s some good news for fans of The L.A. Complex. The second season will begin airing in July with new episodes debuting on (Canadian channel) MuchMusic and The CW at the same time.

JoAnna Garcia has joined the cast of the Justin Kirk comedy Animal Practice, taking over a role that was being recast.

The new season of Top Chef Masters will include Clark Frasier and Mark Gaier (the former Susan Luccis of the culinary scene) and The B-52’s and The Indigo Girls as guest-judges.

Longtime Simpsons producer Mike Scully is joining The New Normal, which should help ensure the show is funny.

Sean Durkin, who wrote and directed Martha Marcy May Marline, wants to adapt The Exorcist as a 10-part mini-series.

Thanks to the Super Bowl and The Voice, NBC will likely be the number three network, the first time it wasn’t last among the big four after several years. Ironically, despite having the TV’s number one show and the top scripted drama, ABC has fallen into last place.

Friday’s Listings

Live! with Kelly (syndicated) Check local listings
Seth Meyers sits in the guest-host chair today as Judith Light visits to discuss her new play, Other Desert Cities.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show (syndicated) Check local listings
Ellen’s getting a visit from Magic Mike’s Olivia Munn. Keep your fingers crossed Ellen’s got some kind of Magic Mike stunt planned.

Days of Our Lives (NBC) Check local listings
As Will does his rounds of telling people how coming out to his parents went, he turns to EJ next — who is more likely to react to the news of how Rafe learned that he was being cuckolded by EJ. Don’t forget, Snicks will be following this one with a liveblog so be sure to join us starting at at 1PM Eastern!

War Heroes Weekend (AMC) starting at 7:00 PM ET
In honor of Memorial Day Weekend, AMC is airing several war movies including Patton, Midway and The Dirty Dozen (though none of the made-for-TV sequels, unfortunately) leading into a double feature of Flags of Our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima starting at 6 PM on Saturday. (Then the marathon takes a break for AMC’s original dramas and starts again.)

Logo Docs Triple-Feature (Logo) starting at 11:00 AM ET
Logo’s got three of its praised documentaries today with After the Storm, which follows an attempt to produce Once On This Island, at post-Katrina Louisiana, a look at how gay men approach masculinity in The Butch Factor, and a look at how HIV is affecting young people in Positive Youth.

Scandalicious (Logo) 10:00 PM ET
We’ve got a double-shot of pop culture countdown shows this weekend starting with Logo’s new look at different celebrity scandals. The opening shot counts down the times celebrities failed to think before they speak. The review features commentary from Alec Mapa, Debra Wilson, Michelle Buteau, Jeffery Self and AfterElton’s Louis Virtel.

Insane or Inspired? (Syfy) 10:00 PM ET
Meanwhile, Syfy has their take on the web video review show that has the likes of Amber Benson and Freaks & Geeks’s Samm Levine commenting, starting with a look at people who tried to be superheroes and uploaded the results to YouTube.

Logo has plenty of ugly dogs with Worst in Show.

Saturday’s Listings

Adventure Time Marathon (Cartoon Network) starting at 11 AM ET
Since a holiday weekend is a good time to discover shows you haven’t sampled before, might I suggest checking out the Cartoon Network’s delightfully absurd half-hour, a program that manages to be strange, demented, sweet, irreverent and moralizing all at once. Cartoon Network is airing an 8 hour marathon, so there’s plenty of time.

Creature Feature Marathon (Syfy) starting at 11:00 AM ET
Syfy’s spending its Saturday with the aquatic creatures of its original movies, so get ready for sharktopi, dinosharks, crocosauruses and mega sharks. The jellyfish never gets respect equal to the amount of pain it causes…

Noah’s Arc Marathon (Logo) starting at 2:30 PM ET
Logo’s revisiting the second season of its romantic drama.

Worst in Show (Logo) 8:00 PM ET
The latest Logo Doc debut takes a look at the “World’s Ugliest Dog Contest” in Petaluma, California and the drama that follows former champion Rascal trying to take back its title after an upset.

Super Shark (Syfy) 9:00 PM ET
Amid this weekend’s creature marathon comes this debut which has John Schneider and Jimmy “JJ” Walker trying to contain a giant shark after accidentally setting it free in an offshore drilling mishap. Oh, there goes that new Syfy original movie relevance, again.


Sunday’s Listings

Happily Divorced Marathon (TV Land) starting a 9:00 AM ET
Since most of us will never get the chance to have brunch with Fran Drescher, spending five hours with her newest comedy on Sunday morning will have to suffice.

Portlandia Marathon (IFC) starting at 10:00 AM ET
IFC is spending the day before Memorial Day with its parody of urban living.

Nick News with Linda Ellerbee (Nick) 9:00 PM ET
Nick wraps Asian Pacific American Heritage Month with this examination of what it means to be Asian-American, with interviews from Aziz Ansari and George Takei.

American Ninja Warrior (G4) 9:00 PM ET
This week sees competitors from the “Midwest” division — which looks like it’s made up of Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana, mostly states I’ve never thought of as midwestern — take on the obstacle course.

Mad Men (AMC) 10:00 PM ET
Now that we’ve found out what Paul has been up to, can we hope that we’ll finally get to see Saul sometime soon?

Game of Thrones (HBO) 9:00 PM ET
We’re finally at the Battle of Blackwater, as the Lannisters fight for survival. I know this isn’t Game of Thrones’ season finale, but those Lannisters know they have to keep up with the Greysons’ awesome downfall, right?

Mrs Eastwood and Company (E!) 10:00 PM ET
Okay, I want to appreciate the story of Eddie dealing with the idea of stepping into the public spotlight as an openly gay man, but the premiere was so awkward with scenes that came off as so very scripted, with his bandmates seeming oddly detached as they discussed what should be an emotionally charged debate. Fingers crossed that improves this week.

What will you be watching this weekend? Please share in the comments!

Monday’s Preview

South Park Marathon (Comedy Central) starting at 9:00 AM ET
Fourteen hours with the crudest children on television? That’ll keep things interesting at the barbecue.

Days of Our Lives (NBC) Check local listings
Things look likely to get really heated with Will and EJ Monday, which calls for a liveblog.

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