Karen Gillan Takes a “Selfie” Comedy, Stephen Colbert Tweets His “Tonight Show” Selfie and Lifetime Expands “Petals in the Wind” Casting


Cee-Lo Green will announce that he is quitting The Voice when he sits for an interview on The Ellen Show today.

Doctor Who alum Karen Gillan has joined the ABC pilot Selfie. From Suburgatory creator Emily Kapnek, the series follows a woman obsessed with her fame on social media who gets the wrong kind of notoriety after a bad breakup turns into a viral video. From there, she has to rebuild her life and her reputation.

Karen Gillan as Amy Pond in "Doctor Who"

In disappointing news, Neve Campbell has quit the TNT pilot Guilt by Association. Deadline says Campbell had last-minute nerves about committing to a series. I was looking forward to seeing Neve Campbell return to TV.

Since putting “naked” in the title of a show worked so well for Discovery, VH1 is now developing a reality show with the working title Naked Dating. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show will see people going on dates while naked to see if that changes their approach to dating. Any titillation will just be the happy byproduct of the vital information gleamed from this “social experiment”. So far, it looks like the series only plans to follow opposite-sex couples on their naked dates.

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Napoleon Dynamite star Jon Heder has joined the Fox pilot Here’s Your Damn Family. He’ll play a thirtysomething man still living with his mom (Jane Kaczmarek) when she gets married to a man (David James Elliott) with three kids.

HBO’s Getting On has been on my “To Watch” list (along with the original BBC version which stars the faboo Jo Brand) for a while. Now that HBO has ordered a second season, I better get moving on that.

Lifetime’s Petals in the Wind movie has found it’s new Cathy. Rose McIver, who most recenlty played Once Upon a Time’s Tinkerbell will take over the role. Additionally, Dylan Bruce has agreed to return to the Flowers in the Attic sequel, which jumps ahead 10 years.

Dylan BruceHowever, we still haven’t achieved proper Dylan Bruce levels on TV.

Think CBS is done spinning-off CSI now that only the original series is still airing? Turns out that’s not the case as TVLine reports that the network is looking at developing a spin-off focused on cyber crime. I have a feeling the snark it’ll inspire in some of my nerd pals is going to be amazing.

Marvel is turning Revenge into a graphic novel, one that tells the story of an early mission Emily undertook before she was better at the art of delivering just desserts. (So, at the level she’s currently devolved to?) Too bad these aren’t the days when we could expect the Revenge characters to become part of the Marvel universe. I see Nolan as someone who would hire Dazzler to play at his birthday gala.

Marvel comic's Revenge

Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show debut had a solid start in the ratings, though it can’t be fairly compared to Conan O’Brien’s debut.

13.3 million viewers watched last week’s episode of The Walking Dead, making it the second week the zombie drama has beat Olympic competition.


Days of Our Lives (NBC) Check local listings
The way Gabi keeps freaking out at every little thing, it’s almost like the girl who faked her own stalking and got a romantic rival kidnapped is a completely different person. Maybe if she still were an incompetent schemer (hi Theresa!) and not in a state of perma-panic, she wouldn’t be on the receiving end of Sonny’s anger today. Or the audience’s.

Nature (PBS) Check local listings
You’ve seen the meme, now get to know the animal behind those images and videos that have amused netizens for years. WIth “Honey Badgers: Masters of Mayhem,” Nature looks at “the thug of the savanna” which doesn’t back down even when it’s facing a ferocious lion or a toxic swarm of bees. I guess the honey badger really doesn’t give a… you know how it goes. The meme didn’t lie to us! I guess I’ll go try that one weird trick, after all.

Honey Badger(source)
Also: Nature has a Tumblr page, my life is changed.

Inside the Actors Studio (Bravo) 8:00 PM ET
Amy Adams discusses her career with James Lipton tonight.

Super Fun Night (ABC) 9;30 PM ET
I may joke about Rebel Wilson lip synching to Queen being the best argument an opening credits have made for watching a sitcom since Mary Richards threw her hat in the air, but Super Fun Night has grown a bit from its disappointing beginnings. Part of that growth has included Marika’s realization that she is gay. For the first Super Fun Night finale, Marika tries to work up the nerve to come out to her pals.

The Exes (TV Land) 10:00 PM ET
Dancing with the StarsTony Dovolani shows up this week as Stuart can’t find himself a date for an important dinner. Does that mean it’s time for another episode of The Exes where the guys trade sexual innuendos with each other.

The Exes

Unsung (TV One) 10:00 PM ET
TV One’s rockumentary series wraps its seventh season with a look at Nile Rogers and Chic and how their influence on dance music continues to this day, even if their work was dismissed as a short-lived trend when they were making hits like “Good Times”. I wonder if they’ll discuss how Rogers went on to produce The B-52’sCosmic Thing.

Kirstie (TV Land) 10:30 PM ET
A Cheers reunion last week, this week it’s a Seinfeld alum who shows up, as Jason Alexander plays Maddie’s incompetent agent…

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The Rachael Ray Show (syndicated) Check local listings
Nate Berkus joins Rachael tomorrow.

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