BBC America Renews “Atlantis” and Adult Swim Debuts a New Show from the Creator of “Community”


BBC America has picked up the second season of Atlantis after its big debut following the Doctor Who anniversary special.

Jack Donnelly and Emily Taaffe in "Atlantis"

In an interesting development, ABC Family has ordered a full season of its upcoming drama Chasing Life, according to Deadline. Since it has yet to debut, that suggests the network has really liked episodes made so far.

For a while, The Food Network did well by dropping most of the cooking shows in favor for lifestyle programming and reality shows. However, now it’s losing viewers and Vulture theorizes that it might be the lack of cooking shows that’s causing it. And it’s not that viewers would be lured back to wanting to watch Good Eats on a channel full of Cutthroat Kitchens. The problem is, the channel no longer has a way to nurture promising talent.

Kirk Acevedo has joined the pilot for Syfy’s version of 12 Monkeys, according to The Hollywood Reporter. He’s certainly keeping busy.

Kirk Acevedo

The faboo Kate del Castillo will appear in the season finale of ABC’s upcoming midseason drama Killer Women. Until someone makes an English version of La Reina del Sur, I’ll be happy any time I can see the series’ star in English.

Vulture finds out what former Daily Show correspondents are up to nowadays (including the obvious ones, in case you were wondering what Stephen Cobert has been doing lately).

ABC’s struggling Once Upon a Time in Wonderland is getting a crossover with the mothership.  TV Guide reports that Barbara Hershey will appear in an episode, reprising her role as the wicked stepmother to the wicked stepmother, Cora.

John GiddingOddly, there was no talk about the host of Curb Appeal being distractingly good-looking.

The A.V. Club talks with someone whose home was redesigned in an HGTV show. By now, we know enough about reality TV that it shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that things didn’t happen as they were presented on the show, but it’s still interesting to read the details.

Guess who’s returning to Hannibal next season? (Spoilerish)


The Talk (CBS) Check local listings
Betty White is joining today’s show.

Almost Human (Fox) 8:00 PM ET
Last week we got a Die Hard homage. Tonight,Almost Human returns to a classic trope of futuristic sci-fi: asking what designer drugs are like in the future. This particular case has tech wiz Rudy go undercover as a drug cook.

Mackenzie Crookin in "Almost Human"“Okay, I’m not the cook I’m the assistant cook.
Alright, I’m the assistant to the cook.”

How I Met Your Mother (CBS) 8:00 PM ET
It’s now only a few hours before their wedding and Barney and Robin are debating Barney’s idea for having the rehearsal dinner at a laser tag arena.

The Battle of amfAR (HBO) 9:00 PM ET
HBO Documentaries commemorates World AIDS Day with this look at the history of the American Foundation of AIDS Research.

Major Crimes (TNT) 9:00 PM ET
Rusty gets his new therapist, one who, as requested, is like Rusty — nudge nudge, you know, plays chess. (He’s played by NYPD Blue alum Bill Brochtrup, so Sharon’s probably still playing that game, too.) Meanwhile, in a rare case that parallels Rusty’s current situation, the team deals with a parolee who has been missing meetings but whose therapist may have some insight.

Graham Patrick Martin and Bill Brochtrup in "Major Crimes

Mom (CBS) 9:30 PM ET
Mom takes on another serious topic when Marjorie announces that she’s been diagnosed with cancer. I still don’t think they’ve got the tone quite right, but I am starting to admire Mom for the way it’s been trying to revive that old tradition of multi-camera sitcoms as one-act plays, like when all those Norman Lear sitcoms ruled the TV schedule.

Rick and Morty (Adult Swim) 10:00 PM ET
Adult Swim’s latest animated comedy comes from Community creator Dan Harmon. It follows a boy with a mad scientist grandfather who is constantly dragging the boy into awful and terrifying adventures.

Watch What Happens Live (Bravo) 11:00 PM ET
It’s a former child star show as Andy chats with Kim Richards and Lisa Whelchel.

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (CBS) 12:35 AM ET
Betty White in the daytime, Betty White in late night…

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