TV On Tap: AMC Visits the Era of Pac Man Fever with “Halt and Catch Fire,” Ben Feldman’s “Drop Dead Diva” Return and “Crossbones” Sets Sail


ABC will burn off the remaining episodes of The Assets on Saturdays starting on June 21. I rather liked ABC’s espionage mini-series when it got pulled, so I’m looking forward to seeing the remaining episodes.

Deadline reports that Ghost Hunters is losing out TAPS team member Adam Berry. Berry and fellow paranormal investigator Amy Bruni are leaving to work on their own show.

Adam Berry
Adam Berry

How will ABC singing competition Rising Star work? The series will conduct eliminations based on how viewers vote on a show app with results being counted during the live broadcast. But how will that work in a country with five time zones? In the Eastern, Central and Mountain time zones, the show will air live. Meanwhile, West Coast viewers will basically get to veto the other three time zones’ rejections. There’s no mention if viewers in Hawaii are included in the West Coast.

Enlisted creator Mike Royce talked with TV Guide and said that at least he can hope his show will live on, even with its short existence. “…in the Internet age our family lives on: Enlisted will always be streaming somewhere. The fact that Freaks & Geeks and Terriers and Arrested Development continue to attract new fans means maybe we can score a few too. My old boss Phil Rosenthal’s philosophy about the end of Everybody Loves Raymond was that the audience wants to know these characters are still out there, living their lives. Nowadays that happens even when you only get to make a few episodes.” However, he says he still hopes Enlisted might be able to find a new home.

Geoff Stults, Chris Lowell and Parker Young in "Enlisted"

Fox boss Kevin Reilly resigned yesterday. Vulture speculates the issue may have been that Reilly was much more focused on making good television than on profits. Among the differences, Reilly wanted to continue with series like Enlisted and Almost Human which were made by outside studios and, therefore, did not offer as much potential for profit.

Is this cast photo for The Night Shift so terrible it ends up being the perfect expression of The Night Shift’s worst traits?

NBC's The Night Shift
Yeah, that goes into some hall of shame.

I enjoyed the original How to Train Your Dragon so I meant to check out the TV series, except that I wasn’t looking for a show called just Dragons. However, the second season of Dragons will debut on Netflix instead of Cartoon Network. I have a feeling I’ll have an easier time catching up on the Dragons there.

Annabeth Gish will appear in the final season of Sons of Anarchy as a “smart and edgy” new sheriff. Gish will film her SoA role simultaneously with her role on The Bridge, so don’t take this as a hint that her Bridge character doesn’t have long to live.

Friday’s Listings

The Ellen Degeneres Show (syndicated) Check local listings
Next week Ellen goes into reruns but before she does, she’ll talk with Matt Bomer, who will discuss the opposing demands of Magic Mike and The Normal Heart on his physique. Plus, Wanda Sykes visits to discuss her new version of Last Comic Standing.

Matt Bomer on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Days of Our Lives (NBC) Check local listings
As Will’s family gathers at the Salem PD headquarters, Sonny just hopes this foolish confession doesn’t mean he’ll find himself waving from a chain link fence yelling “Ill wait for you Will! …Not now, Brian!”

Oprah: Where Are They Now? (OWN) 8:00 PM ET
Oprah talks with Margaret Cho, Sinead O’Connor, Lou Ferrigno and Corbin Bleu.

Crossbones (NBC) 10:00 PM ET
NBC brings us this pirate drama about an English spy (Richard Coyle) sent to work undercover on the pirate ship HMS Petrel to search for a legendary device. Leading the Petrel is the famous pirate Blackbeard (John Malkovich). I’m keeping my fingers crossed this one satisfies my husband’s enjoyment of pirate lore and naval tactics.

Richard Coyle and John Malkovich in "Crossbones"

Continuum (Syfy) 10:00 PM ET
There’s a “handsome amnesiac” in town and he needs Kiera to help him figure out his past. Raise your hand if you’ve already put your money on time traveler.

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (CBS) 12:35 AM ET
The amazing Jane Lynch is scheduled to chat with Craig tonight.

Saturday’s Listings

Billy Joel: The Bridge to Russia Concert (PBS) Check local listings
PBS has the footage of Billy Joel’s historic 1987 concerts in Moscow and Leningrad, which make up this concert special.

2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony (HBO) 8:00 PM ET
This year’s ceremony includes performances by inducees Peter Gabriel, Cat Stevens, Hall & Oates and Nirvana’s Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic. The honorees also include Linda Rondstadt, Kiss and the The E Street Band.

Mariah Carey: At Home in Concert with Matt Lauer (NBC) 8:00 PM ET
The last of Saturday’s music specials sees Mariah Carey sit down for an interview with Matt Lauer and performing from her Bel-Air home.


Sex Sent Me to the ER (TLC) 9:00 PM ET
We’re been waiting for gay sex to send someone to the ER and this week includes a man who needs a steel ring removed from his body. At the least, that’s a premise that sets off my gaydar. What kind of “steel ring” is it and where did it end up stuck? (Also: where in his body?)

Orphan Black (BBC America) 9:00 PM ET
It’s family day at the rehab clinic, which is just the reason to push together a bunch of characters that are just bound to end in wacky hijinx. Just think of it — Alison, Felix, Donnie, Sarah and Frank all in the same place. There’s also a new force to deal with at Dyad and she’s even more terrifying than Rachel.

Kristian Bruun in "Orphan Black"

Sing Your Face Off (ABC) 9:00 PM ET
John Barrowman hosts this talent competition that transforms celebrities into a different celebrities and challenges them to pull off a convincing performance. For the opener, Sebastian Bach has to convincingly play Adam Levine and Lady Gaga. Let’s hope the only reason ABC is ditching this in a Saturday night burn-off time slot is that the premise is too complex. At least, RuPaul will guest-judge the second hour.

The Graham Norton Show (BBC America) 10:00 PM ET
This week Graham chats with Dame Julie Andrews, Pharell Williams along with 22 Jump Street stars Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum.

In the Flesh (BBC America) 11:00 PM ET
(Be sure to note the new time)

Are Simon’s intentions for Kieren honorable? Or is he playing Kieron just for his own purposes? Either way, it’s date night as Simon agrees to put on his cover-up and meet Kieron’s family for dinner. Meanwhile, the jerks of Roarton get furious about the realization that there’s a PDS brothel in town.

Luke Newberry and Emmett J Scanlan kiss on "In the Flash"(source)

Sunday’s Listings

Maya Angelou Tribute (OWN) starting at 5:00 PM ET
OWN is remembering Dr. Maya Angelou with encores of episodes of Super Soul Sunday, Oprah’s Master Class, The Oprah Winfrey Show and Oprah Winfrey’s Legends Ball featuring the iconic poet.

Enlisted (Fox) 7:00 PM ET
The Hill brothers are back to prelude the day when live action comedies and animated comedies live side-by-side on Sunday night again. The new episode sees Pete and Jill wage a prank war against each other.

Drop Dead Diva (Lifetime) 9:00 PM ET
He’s back, Ben Feldman makes his return this week as Jane’s original guardian angel. Every time he shows up, something big happens and we are headed toward the series finale…

Ben Feldman in "Drop Dead Diva"
I hope this gets a “Surprise bitch” meme…

Cosmos (Fox) 9:00 PM ET
Neil deGrasse Tyson hasn’t been shy about challenging anti-science conservatism and tonight he goes all in tackling climate change and why most of the denials make little sense.

Game of Thrones (HBO) 9:0) PM ET
Oberyn is the man who will fight for Tyrion’s honor, the hero he’s been dreaming about. (Okay, maybe they aren’t giving it all due to the power of love.) At long last, the trial of the century turns into the fight of the century as Oberyn faces the Mountain in a grudge-match trial by combat.

Iain Glenn in "Game of Thrones"

Nurse Jackie (Showtime) 9:00 PM ET
Jackie tries to detox at home, but it can’t help if she’s having dreams about being back at work.

The Peabody Awards By Pivot (Pivot) 9:00 PM ET
One of the most prestigious awards for the arts gets broadcast thanks to Pivot.

Halt and Catch Fire (AMC) 10:00 PM ET
With Mad Men having wrapped its season, AMC is ready for another period boardroom drama, so now it’s combining, the 80s, computers and Lee Pace.

Scoot McNairy and Lee Pace in "Halt and Catch Fire"

Penny Dreadful (Showtime) 10:00 PM ET
It’s time for Vanessa and Sir Malcolm to meet Dorian Grey thanks to a party at Egyptologist Sir Ferdinand Lyle.

Devious Maids (Lifetime) 10:00 PM ET
There are even more secrets for Marisol to discover about Nicholas and this one just might convince them to cut Opal out of their lives.

What will you be watching this weekend? Please share in the comments!


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