Andrew Rannells on “How I Met Your Mother” and Matthew Perry Remaking “The Odd Couple”


The next season of Survivor will feature a twist titled “Brawn vs. Brain vs. Beauty” which Jeff Probst says will ask, “what kind of person is most likely to win Survivor.”

We now know the identity of Rebeca Mader’s iconic Once Upon a Time villain:

Surprise! Last night’s Family Guy saw a character come back from the dead. Guess who.

TVLine says that two Homeland cast members won’t be back full time next season.

Deadline reports that CBS is working on a reboot of The Odd Couple with Matthew Perry set to star and produce. Perry is set to play Oscar, the messy one. This would be a multi-cam comedy, Perry’s first since Friends.

Matthew Perry in "Go On"

Kyra Sedgwick is returning to TNT. The former Closer star will lead a pilot about a skeptical surgeon who is tasked with investigating cases of reincarnation.

John Oliver isn’t the only one leaving The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Variety reports that Daily Show head writer Tim Carvell will be joining Oliver’s upcoming HBO show as showrunner.

John Oliver

Buzzfeed asks, why are so many TV gay characters so sexless?


Days of Our Lives (NBC) Check local listings
We’re in the midst of some wacky misunderstandings about murder conspiracies. Today, that means Sonny trying to find a way to tell Will about the conspiracy. To help things, Will sports a beaming smile as he asks about all the fun things awaiting him at his surprise birthday party. Be sure to join us for a liveblog. This kind of thing shouldn’t be watched alone.

The Rachael Ray show (syndicated) Check local listings
Nate Berkus is joining Rachael with tips for dealing with “holiday decor dilemmas”. Does he have a solution for forgetting where you stored your one Christmas decoration until you find it during spring cleaning? Because that’s my holiday decorating challenge.

Nate Berkus and Rachael Ray

Independent Lens (PBS) Check local listings
With “Playwright: From Page to Stage”, Independent Lens follows two young playwrights — Tarell Alvin McCraney and Rajiv Josephy from initial funding until their play debuts on Broadway. The documentary cameras follow out playwright McCraney as he works on his Brothers/Sisters trilogy.

Almost Human (Fox) 8:00 PM ET
Kinnex and Dorian’s latest case takes them to investigate the black market organ trade. Meanwhile, Dorian catches up with a decomissioned DRN, presumably to find out if Kinnex is the only human trading innuendos with a DRN.

How I Met Your Mother (CBS) 9:00 PM ET
Marshall finally arrives in Farhampton, which just might mean that HIMYM has depleted the SUV and sassy black lady jokes it has been keeping in storage. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, at least. Marshall’s just in time to deal with a guy (Andrew Rannells) whose idea of fun involves playing mind games with the gang. Otherwise known as just desserts.

Andrew Rannells and Neil Patrick Harris on "How I Met Your Mother"Scruffy-hot Andrew Rannells. I’ll be in my bunk.

Major Crimes (TNT) 9:00 PM ET
The Major Crimes team find their Christmas vacation interrupted by the murder of a baseball scout.

Mom (CBS) 9:30 PM ET
Christy’s worlds collide when Bonnie starts dating chef Rudy. The best laugh lines in the pilot went to Rudy, so I’m thrilled he’s getting screen time away from the restaurant set.

Anna Faris, Alison Janney and French Stewart in "Mom"

Conan (TBS) 11:00 PM ET
Jesse Tyler Ferguson is on tonight’s show.

The Colbert Report (Comedy Central) 11:30 PM ET
As he did last year, Stephen is wrapping 2013 with a series of musical guests who will join him in performing some seasonal music. That starts with Gregg Allman and The National.

What will you be watching tonight? Please share in the comments!


Tomorrow’s Preview

Days of Our Lives (NBC) Check local listings
It sounds like Gabi might get a break from looking on the verge of panic tomorrow thanks to Sonny. A brief break. She’ll be back to quiet, desperate panic soon enough. We’re liveblogging all this week!

The Voice (NBC) Check local listings
The season finale promises plenty of big performances (oh, in addition to announcing the winner) including Lady Gaga and Celine Dion.

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