“Arrow” Adds a “Vampire Diaries” Hunk, NBC Wants some Maya Rudolph Variety and “The Real World” Gets a Twist


Aisha Tyler has booked a guest-appearance on HBO’s upcoming human sexuality drama Open, according to TVLine. She’ll play a married nurse with a “modern outlook on matrimony”.

In frustrating but unsurprising news, FXX has cancelled Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell, as first reported by Defamer. At this point, that raises the question if FXX can even support original programming. Established hits like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The League were able to survive a move, but instead of debuting Chozen, FXX will air repurposed episodes of Da Ali G Show.

Guy Branum and Janine Brito on "Totally Biased"The combination of Guy Branum and Janine Brito will be missed.
Individually they were great, together they’re amazing.

Balancing out that loss to comedy and diversity slightly is the news that NBC is reviving Last Comic Standing with Wanda Sykes joining the show as a producer. I tend to like the talent search episodes of Last Comic Standing. The eventual competition and voting then leaves me sad about Americans’ taste in comedy.

Bravo has renewed Watch What Happens Live for two more years. Host Andy Cohen will step down from his VP position at Bravo, but will continue pitching reality shows for the network.

Get the popcorn, Prospect Park’s lawsuit against ABC is now claiming $125 million in damages. Prospect Park claims ABC sabotaged the efforts to relaunch All My Children and One Life to Live by signing OLTL actors to longtime agreements and killing OLTL characters on General Hospital. The drama here better be good, because the soaps have already lost this showdown.

The latest casting news for Arrow has my brain melting:

Did Steven McQueen manage to make himself hotter? I mean just the association with Nightwing is uhm… let’s get back to the news, I need to get to my bunk.

The Real World will be trying a new format for its next season, as reported by EW. This season will be titled Ex-plosion and the roommates will be surprised to learn that their roommates have moved in or, in other worlds, The Real World is admitting it’s become Big Brother without gameplay by remaking “The Ex-Factor”.

The Cast of The Real World Ex=plosionThe next Real World cast. You’ll recognize them better when they’re drunk.

So Kathie Lee Gifford recorded a podcast with Glenn Beck and looking at the excerpts collected by Jezebel. I uh… uh… yikes.

Courtney Cox appeared on Go On for a Friends reunion last year. Now, Matthew Perry will return the favor by appearing on Cougar Town.

Deadline reports that Maya Rudolph’s variety show is finally happening. NBC has ordered a pilot that will air as a special after the Winter Olympics.

Maya RudolphMaya Rudolph

The BBC is developing an adaptation of Les Liasons Dangereuses that will eventually be pitched to US networks. This adaptation won’t look to the film Dangerous Liasions for inspiration, but other trashy 18th century novels about the French aristocracy.

Its’ been a good day for literature from before the 18th century as Syfy is making a Beowulf series. This won’t be Syfy’s first encounter with Beowulf, in 2005 it aired Beowulf & Grendel and in 2007 it aired a Grendel movie.


Yesterday he signed marriage equality into law, today Governor Neil Abercrombie is talking with Thomas Roberts.

Days of Our Lives (NBC) Check local listings
Will makes an early return home today. I hope he doesn’t expect Sonny and Gabi to sit in rapt attention to anecdotes of his travel exploits. Nothing will match the tale of how Will’s grandmother interrupted a wedding with a video of the bride raping Will’s uncle.

The View (ABC) Check local listings
Sure, The View has been a mess this season (okay, an even bigger mess), but surely the combined charm of Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart can overpower that.

The Big Bang Theory (CBS) 8:00 PM ET
Like an extra-adorable baby animal, Raj inspires people’s protective instincts. That inludes Penny, who is about to give Lucy a piece of her mind for the way Lucy and Raj’s relationship turned out. Sadly, I don’t see Stuart in tonight’s guest cast.

Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons in "The Big Bang Theory"

Parks & Recreation (NBC) 8:00 PM ET
It’s a Pawnee double feature as Leslie faces two fears on Halloween — in the form of a haunted house and a recall election. I’ve been a bit disappointed in the recall storyline, which could been another great moment in Parks & Rec being incredibly entertaining and relevant. As long as we don’t lose storylines about Leslie dealing with city politics, I’ll be glad to see this story over.

White Collar (USA) 9:00 PM ET
There’s a part of me that would be happy to see White Collar become a heist-y Charlie’s Angels with Neal going undercover regularly in assignments that puts Matt Bomer in costume. This week’s episode is for those of you who want to see Bomer as a butler.Matt Bomer in "White Collar'If I turn up dead in the next few days, this picture is to blame.

Glee (Fox) 9:00 PM ET
Did you think Glee could avoid an episode about twerking, Miley Cyrus or “Blurred Lines”?

The Crazy Ones (CBS) 9:00 PM ET
I guess a straight-laced gay character working with annoying manchildren is turning into a thing this TV season. Call it “sitcom’s gay straight man”. First there’s Andre Braugher’s gay character on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Now The Crazy Ones brings on Brad Garrett as Sydney, the gay advertising partner who handles the bookkeeping and functions as another anchor to reality for Robin Williams’ relentlessly zany character.

James Wolk in "The Crazy Ones"This is also the episode with Ed Asner and James Wolk licking a popsicle.
This is why sweeps is a wonderful time of the year.

Project Runway All Stars (Lifetime) 9:00 PM ET
Maybe Project Runway has relied a little too much on the unconventional materials challenge, but doesn’t it get a lot harder to complain when the challenge is judged by Michael Urie and Gabourey Sidbe? Plus, this time the challenge involves elementary school items. Whoever makes a slide rule dress wins my nerd-loving heart.

Sean Saves the World (NBC) 9:00 PM ET
Sean decided that trying to be the “fun dad” hasn’t been good for his daughter, so instead of bugging Ellie to take theme photos with him, he’s bothering her to be more disciplined. Maybe he can just combine the two by demanding they do a variety stage show together?

Scott Foley in "Scandal"Jake demonstrates the appropriate reaction to seeing a bunch of cable news channels at once.

Scandal (ABC) 10:00 PM ET
Mellie decides the way to fix things is with another interview with the national press. Since the episode is called “Everything is Coming Up Mellie” I expect things to backfire like Mellie’s plans usually do. Plus, we also get a flashback to how Fitz, Mellie and Cyrus first became the supervillain trio waiting for Olivia to become their fourth member.

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