VH1 Signs Eddie Cibrian to a Reality Show and an “Exorcist” TV Series


VH1 has ordered a reality series that would follow Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes. I might be tempted to tune in and hit the fast forward button until I see Cibrian in some sort of state of undress, but I’m not particularly interested in their tabloid drama.

Eddie CibrianOr maybe there’s an Eddie Cibrian calendar I can buy instead.

Deadline reports that NBC has ordered a comedy pilot from Happy Endings creator David Caspe. Mad About You, Marry Me follows a young newlywed couple who quickly realize marriage is harder than they expected. I’m starting to detect some familiar themes.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s Glenn Howerton will appear in a multi-episode arc on The Mindy Project, according to E! Online. There are some minor spoilers in Howerton’s role.

Glenn HowertonGlenn Howerton

In today’s edition of questionable-sounding ideas, producers are trying to sell an Exorcist series. I know Bates Motel turned out pretty well, but The Exorcist seems extra-challenging.

Tyler Posey will show up on The Exes in a few weeks (on August 21 to be exact). While he was on the set, he filmed a Top 10 list with series star Kristen Johnston:

The producers of Two and a Half Men have managed to grab my attention by casting Amber Tamblyn to play Charlie’s long lost lesbian daughter.


Burn Notice (USA) 9:00 PM ET
Maybe it’s lingering good feelings from Queer as Folk, but the personal journey I’ve been most invested in Maddie’s personal journey. She’s gone from pushing Michael to use his spy skills for good to having some layperson-level skill herself. Tonight, she figures out she’s being followed and decides to do something about it. I hope there’s a terrible coffee shop nearby so she can get some non-dairy creamer and make something she learned from Sam.

Burn Notice, "Bitter Pill"

Big Brother (CBS) 9:00 PM ET
Maybe this will be the week they vote out Spencer? This is his third nomination. Please tell me this isn’t one of those cases where it’s obvious to live feed viewers that producers are working hard to keep the hateful bigot in the house. Again.

Degrassi (Teen Nick) 9:00 PM ET
It’s a bad week for the queer kids of Degrassi as a heartbroken Adam looks like an opportunity for Imogen. Meanwhile, in Paris, Tristan goes missing, leaving Maya to turn to Miles for help.

Invasion Roswell (Syfy) 9:00 PM ET
Unfortunately, there’s no bizarre animal hybrids or wacky combinations of natural disaster and predatory animal in this Syfy movie, just Greg Evigan and Denise Crosby as part of a team of over-the-hill commandos who were trained to fight an alien invasion after a UFO crashed in Roswell. Now that the alien invasion has finally arrived, the world finally needs them. I guess that makes this the Syfy Reds?

Project Runway (Lifetime) 9:00 PM ET
Jesse Tyler Ferguson joins the judges on tonight’s episode as the designers are challenged to come up with an outfit to go with the ties prepared by his Tie the Knot foundation.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Tim GunnWhat a duo!

Hollywood Game Night (NBC) 10:00 PM ET
Tonight’s game is called “America’s Got Game Night” even though the only person from America’s Got Talent is Nick Cannon. He’s joined by Jason Alexander, Josh Gad, Al Roker and Niecy Nash.

Wilfred (FX) 10:00 PM ET
Is Wilfred a chaotic trickster or some kind of spirit trying to make him a better person? Tonight’s episode has Wilfred pitting Ryan against his family. Is he doing it to sever Ryan’s toxic relationship to his family or just to see him squirm?

Childrens Hospital (Adult Swim) Midnight ET
Why does Owen think he’s stuck in a time loop? Did he fall asleep watching Groundhog Day with the DVD player stuck on repeat?

NTSF: SD: SUV:: (Adult Swim) 12:15 AM ET
Tent has to stare down a child, a nephew, for the information he needs. I hope that family connection means Trent only uses light brutality in his interrogation.

What will you be watching tonight? Please share in the comments!


Tomorrow’s Preview

The Talk (CBS) Check local listings
Tabatha Coffey is returning as guest-host tomorrow.

The View (ABC) Check local listings
Friday is Joy’s last day and the big goodbye includes a visit from Mario Cantone.

Days of Our Lives (NBC) Check local listings
Tomorrow may be a WilSon day, but I hear we may be distracted by Marlena and Kristen attempting their best Krystle and Alexis. At least, it sounds like that’s on tomorrow’s show. Either way, there’s plenty of reason to liveblog.

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