A Very Gay “Hot in Cleveland” with Michael Urie and an Emotional “Furturama” Reunion


Lifetime has ordered a second season of Devious Maids, which started slow but picked up viewers as it went along. I’m feeling mixed about this news. I’ve been enjoying Maids’ first season (mostly) but I dont’ trust Marc Cherry to keep a serial going past a promising first season.

Devious MaidsDevlous Maids

Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 alum Dreama Walker will be showing up on New Girl, TVLine reports. She’ll be playing a mean girl of a teacher at Jess’ new school.

Speaking of Apartment 23, creator Nahnatchka Khan has sold a comedy to ABC, according to Deadline. Kahn is working on adapting chef Eddie Huang’s memoir Fresh off the Boat.

Nick Jonas will appear in an episode of Hawaii Five-0 as a hacker who gets involved with the team’s next case.

Nick JonasNick Jonas shirtless

E! news reports that NeNe Leakes will be retuning to Glee. I do enjoy some Coach Roz.

Vulture has a guide on how to tell Mamie Gummer from Grace Gummer. That makes me feel a little less bad for having to look them up on IMDb every time one of them gets a new role.

Grace and Mamie GummerYeah,I’m still having trouble…

Sandra Oh has announced that the upcoming season of Grey’s Anatomy will be her last.


Days of Our Lives (NBC) Check local listings
Will goes from feeling like he’s dragging Sonny down to confronting Brent about all the time he’s spending with Sonny.

Melissa & Joey (ABC Family) 8:00 PM ET
It’s the classic sitcom plot — Joe and Ryder decide to hold a garage sale but realize too late that they sold one of Mel’s prized possessions.

Robert Gant and Melissa Peterman in "Baby Daddy"

Baby Daddy (ABC Family) 8:30 PM ET
Emma’s Christening means getting the family together again, including Ben and Danny’s father Ray (Greg Grunberg) and their rich-but-conservative Aunt Betty. Left out of the family event: Ray’s boyfriend Steve (Robert Gant). Between this and last week’s Twisted, I guess ABC Family wanted to make sure we remember how every one of its shows gets gay if given enough time.

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles (Bravo) 9:00 PM ET
The teasers for this season promised a turf battle between the guys and that begins as Josh and other Josh clash over a listing. Meanwhile, Madison lightens things up with his new boyfriend around. I hope this means Josh and Josh’s fighting gives us scenes with Colton.

Futurama (Comedy Central) 10:00 PM ET
Did you think Futurama would face the prospect of saying goodbye to the audience without trying to leave viewers’ couches with one final soggy, wet spot made from uncontrollable, hideous sobbing? Tonight, the Futurama team remind fans that they created a button in the form of an adorable, loving dog named Seymour that can turn all of us into blubbering messes.

Fry and Seymour  form "Futurama"

Broadchurch (BBC America) 10:00 PM ET
Was I the only one who had to follow the premiere with a That Mitchell and Webb Look chaser to remind myself about Olivia Colman being silly? Meanwhile, right now the mystery is only just beginning, and tonight’s episode is about those first interviews about where people were when the murder happened. And judging from other mystery serials, there will be a lot of mourning.

Hot in Cleveland (TV Land) 10:00 PM ET
If Robert Gant made this a good night for gay comedy, things get even gayer with both Michael Urie and Parvesh Cheena. Joy weaves a web of deception in order to get Cleveland’s hottest pediatrician to treat Wilbur. It leaves her presenting a local chef’s (Cheena) cooking as her own and agreeing to date the pediatrician’s son (ShamelessPej Vahdat). Meanwhile, Victoria’s wedding planner (Urie) has decided the dinner is a great opportunity to plan an Indian wedding.

Michael Urie and Wendy Malik in "Hot in Cleveland"

The Exes (TV Land) 10:30 PM ET
It’s assistant-swap day as Phil opens his new agency and Eden takes a leave from being Holly’s assistant to help Phil get things off the ground. That leaves Haskel helping Holly out.

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