TV on Tap: TV Marathons Jump the Shark and Does “Bunheads” Still have a Chance?


A German librarian has written a book on how The Simpsons has changed the way gay people are perceived. I’m always mixed about The Simpsons and its heavy usage of stereotypes, but it hasn’t shied away from repeatedly showing gay people as just part of Springfield’s landscape.

The Simpsons' gay steel millA steel mill has to have the most uncomfortably warm dance floor.

On the other hand, GLAAD is angry with Showtime’s Ray Donovan for its pilot where the Hollywood fixer worked for a star spotted picking up a transgender woman. Despite doing great work with gay, lesbian and bisexual characters, Donovan is part of what GLAAD identifies as part of a bad trend of depicting transgender people as subjects of mockery and disgust. I’m surprised to see House of Lies in the condemnations, my initial impression was that it had a potentially strong transgender storyline with the son.

The sets have been torn down, The Fosters and Twisted are doing better in the ratings and it wasn’t submitted for an Emmy but Vulture says that if ABC Family wanted to cancel Bunheads, it would have done so by now. I’d say that sounds right. It could go either way, but if it hasn’t been cancelled yet that probably means they’re still making a decision. That’s a good reason to be hopeful for Bunheads and The Lying Game.

Bunhead's Godot (Nathan Parsons(There are many reasons to argue for the return of Bunheads.
Hunky bartender/scientist Godot (Nathan Parsons) belongs on that list.

Another year, another Big Brother scandal. At least that gives TV journalists an excuse to write about reality TV smartly. Andy Dehnart points out that despite putting out a similar statement condemning the bigotry back when Jeff Schroeder used anti-gay slurs, Schroeder went on to appear on another season of Big Brother, a season of The Amazing Race, a webseries and more Big Brother appearances. (That is why telling one person to just stop watching is pretty bad advice.) Meanwhile, NPR’s Linda Holmes (who recapped the show brilliantly) breaks down why its bad TV, by eliminating key parts of the relationships, to leave these slurs on the cutting room floor.

Ratings are divided so many ways, a show can do well by being a hit with a particular demographic. With that in mind, Vulture looks at the top shows in various demographics. Among the observations: Archer is one of cable TV’s top shows among adult men under 35.

Friday’s Listings

Jump the Shark Marathon (Cloo) stating at 6:00 AM ET
Cloo is celebrating the weekend with a marathon collecting the episode considered to be the one where the series jumped the shark. Most of the causes of shark-jumping are included whether that’s a wedding (Get Smart and Mork & Mindy), the departure of beloved characters (House and Charlie’s Angels) a change of premise (Laverne & Shirley), a laspe of creative judgement that just confirmed the premise had run out (MacGyver) or just putting a lead character on water skis and having him perform a stunt around a shark tank (Happy Days). Sadly, I see no sign of Ted McGinley.

Fonzie jumps the sharkTo be continued…

Days of Our Lives (NBC) Check local listings
Will frets that he’s holding Sonny back from raves, rock climbing and fighting for dance floor space with the flag guy with all his domestic issues. We’re planning on following the action with a liveblog so be sure to join us starting at 1PM Eastern!

The Walking Dead Marathon (AMC) starting at 1PM ET
The marathon continues with season 2, where Hershel’s farm reminded Lost viewers of all those discussions about opening the hatch.

Charlie Rose Weekend (PBS) Check local listings
PBS expands Charlie Rose’s presence on the network with this show that mixes new interviews with classic moments. Tune in and imagine the kind of fanfic it would inspire Shania Clemmons to write.

Continuum (Syfy) 10:00 PM ET
The search for the mole and her son’s birthday puts Keira on edge to the point that it activates a safeguard within her super-suit that summons her holo-psych (played by Battlestar Galatica alum Alessandro Juliani) who has the ability to erase her memories.

Continuum, "Second Opinion"If only¬†Gaeta had a holo-shrink…

Stevie TV (VH1) 10:0) PM ET
At long last, Yo Gaba Gabba isn’t just for kids and adults who claim to appreciate absurdity (or just making the word a little more absurd) as Stevie delivers a grown-up version with lessons for adults. I have to admit that does not sound like such a bad idea. Also, does Kristin Stewart’s constant underwhelmed expression work to keep a talk show as lively as Chelsea Handler’s snark?

Saturday’s Listings

The Walking Dead Marathon (AMC) stating at 1PM ET
AMC’s Walking Dead marathon continues to the early days of the third season when we hoped Michonne would help remedy the tendency for idiotic behavior.

Sinbad (Syfy) 9:00 PM ET
Taryn hopes that creating a familiar connected to Sinbad will help deal with his curse. As the gods of TV scripting would have it, the summoned creature ends up creating more trouble than it fixes.

SinbadMasked guards. That’s never a bad sign.

Celebrity Ghost Stories (Bio) 9:00 PM ET
This week’s celebrities include Ana Ortiz, leaving me to guess she’s haunted by some of those high hairdos from Ugly Betty. Meanwhile, Richard Grieco remembers the time he experimented with black magic. I think we’re about to learn the origin of Gigolos.

Primeval: New world (Syfy) 10:00 PM ET
It’s a time to dig up the Big Mammal on Camps and Big Bad Wolf quips when the latest anomaly leaves a prehistoric ancestor to the wolf at a university campus…

Sunday’s Listings

The Walking Dead Marathon (AMC) starting at 1PM ET
The Independence Weekend marathon concludes as we get to the point where its time to debate if Rick or Andrea are making a bigger mess of things.

Big Brother (CBS) 8:00 PM ET
It’s Sunday so it’s time for more nominations.

True Blood (HBO) 9:00 PM ET
Andy’s half-fae daughters are already old enough that they’re catching Bill’s eye as a potential new source for faerie blood. So this is how things go when you mix vampires and Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome.

True Blood“I’ve got to head to Genoa City and tell Nikki Newman I understand her better, now.”

American Ninja Warrior (G4) 9:00 PM ET
For the first time the northeast division qualifying rounds happen in the northeastern United States. (Can we get a “Whoa budget!”?) Midoriyama makes its first appearance in Baltimore.

Whodunnit? (ABC) 9:00 PM ET
Last week, the Whodunnit? producers proved that a flaming body isn’t the peak of craziness for this show as they are now investigating a body. in. a. tree.

Drop Dead Diva (Lifetime) 9:00 PM ET
In a case that I’m sure won’t echo Jane’s personal issues, a woman wants to sue her former fiance who left her with a wedding in the works. Meanwhile, if you thought Drop Dead Diva needed another guest star best known for reality TV, Stacy turns to Barbara Cocoran for advice.

Drop Dead Diva, "Surrogates"“Hello! I’m here to show nothing was learned from last season’s Kim Kardashian kerfuffle.”

Copper (BBC America) 10:00 PM ET
It’s a Five Points wedding as Robert and Elizabeth exchange vows. I think that’s the cue for Elizabeth’s espionage work to come out.

Devious Maids (Lifetime) 10:00 PM ET
You don’t cast someone like Valerie Mahaffey in a soap without giving her some kind of secret to drop, and this week it turns out she knows something about her replacement wife Taylor.

Devious Maids

Family Tree (HBO) 10:00 PM ET
Pete and Bea decide to spend their last day in California at Venice Beach, where walking around with a monkey puppet on one hand won’t seem so odd.

Venture Bros (Adult Swim) 10:00 PM ET
Apparently, without his femmebot suit, Hank’s loses track of what side he’s on and ends up committing crime with Henchman 21. Considering Rusty’s parenting, this isn’t exactly a surprise.

What will you be watching this weekend? Please share in the comments!


American Ninja Warrior (G4) 9:00 PM ET
For the first time the northeast division qualifying rounds happen in the northeastern United States. (Can we get a “Whoa budget!”?) Midoriyama makes its first appearance in Baltimore.

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