TV on Tap: Lisa Kudrow Returns to “Web Therapy”, Casey Wilson and Adam Pally Get “Offensive”


After months of waiting for a decision on the drama’s fate, ABC Family has cancelled Bunheads. I’m disappointed but at least now there’s no chance of the show wearing out its welcome. On the bright side, Deadline says this means the channel is free to go ahead and renew its freshmen series Twisted and The Fosters.

bunheads-godot Something something, last chance for a Waiting for Godot pun.

After announcing guest roles for James Franco and Adam Pally, TV Guide reports that The Mindy Project has booked Kris Humphries for a guest-spot. I guess they can’t all be great news.

Over at The New Yorker, Emily Nussbaum defends the legacy of Sex and the City. The movies and that series finale may have worked to make us forget, but at its peak, it was a show that helped HBO find its voice and challenged the static romantic comedy.

Parenthood has booked a pair of Drop Dead Diva alumni. Former boss Josh Stamberg will appear in five episodes as a new neighbor for Lauren Graham’s character, according to TheWrap. Meanwhile, E! Online reports that David Denman will be a stay-at-home dad who befriends Erika Christensen’s Julia.

Josh StambergJosh Stamberg

I’m excited about a lot of Syfy’s upcoming projects, but I don’t know about its two latest new additions. One is a post-apocalyptic Wizard of Oz about a warrior from the present-day. It’s from the director of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter which doesn’t sound like a compelling argument for us to forget about that charming Zooey Deschanel/Alan Cumming reboot of Wizard of Oz. Also, The Hollywood Reporter says that a TV series of 12 Monkeys is under consideration. This is the quote that worries me: “We have a great pilot. We’re now flushing out what the rest of the series might be.”


Live! with Kelly and Michael (syndicated) Check local listings
As Broadway week continues, the cast of Motown: The Musical visit along with Heidi Klum.

Days of Our Lives (NBC) Check local listings
My local broadcast of Days was cut short by baby news (grumble) and I’ve yet to head to Hulu, so while I know Adrienne is pulling the kind of scheme that can end up pushing Sonny further away, I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that Brady has come to his senses about Kristen. (I’m still hoping that somehow this brings Susan back. Then again, I hope every storyline brings Susan back.) Today, the town reacts to Adrienne’s evidence and we’ll be following it with a liveblog!

Secrets of the Dead (PBS) Check local listings
In 1898, an ancient jar was discovered in Northern India claiming to contain the bones of the Buddah. It was considered a great find until one of the archeologists at the dig was caught faking relics and falsifying records. Now, a crew takes another look at the discovery and retraces the history of the Buddah’s travels to decide if it might be the genuine article, after all.

Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family) 8:00 PM ET
Caleb and Toby come closer to finding the identity of “Red Coat” — and, maybe, PLL will explain how at least one mysterious tormentor manages to appear and disappear so easily.

Pretty Little LIars, "Crash and Burn Girl"

Whose Line Is It Anyway? (CW) 8:00 PM ET
The Vampire DiariesCandice Accola joins the action tonight.

America’s Got Talent (NBC) 9:00 PM ET
It turns out I’ve spent most of the audition episodes telling myself I’d get around to catching up on the audition episodes… and now we’re on to the first live show. Are there any gay performers we should be watching for?

Covert Affairs (USA) 9:00 PM ET
Just as things looked like they were settling into a new groove, Arthur goes and drops a bombshell. Or something. I was distracted by the sight of Annie with that cool revolver Amanda uses on Nikita.

Covert Affairs, "Dig for Fire"

The Haves and the Have Nots (OWN) 9:00 PM ET
Still feeling vengeful, Candace gets herself in a room with Catherine. There, I expect Candace won’t reveal her affair with Jim but Catherine will figure it out anyway.

Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis (Bravo) 9:00 PM ET
Jeff spends five days with celebrity reporter Jillian Barberie Reynolds who, apparently, has a wall of crosses.

Chopped (Food Network) 10:00 PM ET
This time, if the cheftestants can handle currywurst in the appetizer, they have to work popcorn balls into the entree.

Suits (USA) 10:00 PM ET
Has Suits evolved into “A Game of Boardroom Thrones”? With Harvey looking to take Jessica down and, now, Mike allying with Louis, that’s starting to seem obvious.

Suits, "Dig for Fire"

Who Do You Think You Are? (TLC) 10:00 PM ET
The Dan Bucatinsky/Lisa Kudrow-produced genealogy reality series returns from cancellation by taking a look at the family history of Kelly Clarkson.

Catfish: The TV Show (MTV) 10:00 PM ET
Uhboy. This week’s subject is a man who has a girlfriend but might consider dumping her if his online girlfriend turns out to be real.

The Jeselnik Offensive (Comedy Central) 10:30 PM ET
Tonight Anthony Jeselnik riffs on current events with guests Casey Wilson and Adam Pally. Let’s hope for cathartic jokes about the cancellation of Happy Endings.

Web Therapy (Showtime) 11:00 PM ET
Lisa Kudrow has two shows debuting on the same day, including ths comedy about a woman who thinks she can provide useful therapy over a webcam. As usual, there’s an amazing guest-cast set to appear as Fiona’s clients including Steve Carell, Megan Mullally, Chelsea Handler, Meg Ryan and more.

What will you be watching tonight? Please share in the comments!


Tomorrow’s Preview

Live! with Kelly and Michael (syndicated) Check local listings
Tomorrow has the cast of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella.

Days of Our Lives (NBC) Check local listings
There’s more drama tomorrow and a liveblog too!

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