TV on Tap: Michael Vartan Checks in to the “Bates Motel” and “Sunny” Days Are Almost Over


Bates Motel has cast Alias hunk Michael Vartan as a “charming divorcé who catches Norma’s eye,” according to TVLine. If he’s a love interest for Norma, I think he dies before the season is over.

Michael Vartan

Let the campaign for a streaming video service to save Bunheads begin!

On the other hand, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia gets to plan its goodbye, ending with its tenth season. The ninth season of the sleeper hit comedy debuts in September, so they have time to fashion a satisfying ending.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy producer Shonda Rhimes has sold a drama to ABC, according to Deadline. The script is inspired by the story of Wynona Ward, a trucker who went to law school at the age of 41, eventually starting an organization that helps victims of domestic abuse.

Once Upon a Time has recast its Robin Hood, TV Line reports. Since Tom Ellis was busy, the character will now be played by Sean Maguire.

Sean Maguire

Bianca Lawson has been playing 17-year-old characters for over 17 years. I don’t think her Teen Wolf character is 17, however.

Whew. Cable news networks didn’t get a ratings bump from coverage of the royal baby. So we can have news again.


Live! with Kelly and Michael (syndicated) Check local listings
Today’s show has Hugh Jackman and the cast of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella.

Days of Our Lives (NBC) Check local listings
In my time as a soap nerd, Days never held my attention as much as the P&G shows did. Sure, I have strong feelings about Kristen vs. Marlena and I never forgot that guy who played Eric Brady back in the day. Thus, I’m not sure if I wasn’t aware of it or if it’s a new take on Adrianna that she’s now behaving like the kind of soap villainess whose attempts to protect her family only ends up pushing them away. Before Sonny can storm off, yelling that he’s moving to the Snyder Farm, some people owe Justin an explanation about that video. That will make for amazing liveblog material so be sure to join us starting at 1PM Eastern!

Melissa & Joey (ABC Family) 8:00 PM ET
ABC Family finds a new way to include lesbian parents when Ryder gets to meet his new girlfriend’s moms, as played by Tracey Gold (as always, it feels good to have former members of the Seaver family in tame programs that would still manage to make Kirk Cameron retch in disgust) and winner of the Alison LaPLaca award for underrecognized talent in comedy, Suzy Nakamura. (There is no such award, except in my head. However, I’m imagining the award winner’s acceptance speech turns into a rant directed at Nielsen families. It’s glorious. I wish someone could air it.) They don’t like the idea of their daughter dating someone who claims to be a bad boy.

Baby Daddy (ABC Family) 8:30 PM ET
It might have only been last week that Fitch died, but Danny’s trying to help her through the grief by setting her up with a new guy. That seems a bit tacky, even if the guy is played by Antonio Sabato, Jr.

Antonio Sabato Jr

Million Dollar Listing: New York (Bravo) 9:00 PM ET
As if Fredrik hasn’t already been testing his likability, this week he rents out an entire island for his wedding.

Spell-mageddon (ABC Family) 9:00 PM ET
ABC Family’s new show has people trying to spell words while facing various physical distractions. Thanks to the success of Wipeout, TV executives have learned they can get people to inexpensive reality programming by putting people through slapstick cruelty. We’ve already been treated to the CW’s Oh, Sit!, Killer Karaoke and, probably, other shows I’ve suppressed from memory. I am waiting for someone to make a real version of that game show from Married… with Children where spouses torture each other.

Futurama (Comedy Central) 10:00 PM ET
Since this is Futurama, you had to know Calculon wouldn’t stay dead (he drank poison to make his performance even stronger in an acting competition, as you may recall) so it shouldn’t be a surprise that Bender is working to bring the great robot actor back to life. Since Calculon’s death can be traced back to Bender, are we sure he’s not in rehab and in the “making amends” stage?

Futurama, "Calculon 2.0"

Hot in Cleveland (TV Land) 10:00 PM ET
The arrival of Wilbur’s first birthday prompts Melanie and Alec to have that talk about whether their future will include having children together. At its worst, that discussion is the moment you realize having everything else in common is still not enough.

Top Chef Masters (Bravo) 10:00 PM ET
After two seasons of devolving into a mess of annoying twists, Top Chef Masters found its footing again last season — or it did as long as I managed to keep up with it. This season offers Bryan Voltaggio, the first Top Chef competitor to graduate to the Masters. Only time will tell if that can hold my attention.

Necessary Roughness (USA) 10:00 PM ET
Dani’s next client is a fantasy author. I’m guessing he’s working at letting go of his issues with people creating fanfic inspired by his books.

The Exes, "Defending Your Wife"

The Exes (TV Land) 10:30 PM ET
It’s back to married life for Haskel after his ex-wife (the fabulous Lisa Ann Walter) is in a car accident that leaves her with no memory of getting divorced.

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Tomorrow’s Preview

Live! with Kelly and Michael (syndicated) Check local listings
Broadway week continues with the cast of Kinky Boots.

The View (ABC) Check local listings
Margaret Cho is guest-hosting tomorrow’s show, making it the first time in awhile I’m excited about The View.

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