“Mythbusters” Takes on “Breaking Bad” and HBO Gets “In Bed” with America


I have some sad news for. well, some of you. The cruise ship The Pacific Princess — the setting for The Love Boat — has sailed its final voyage and will be stripped for parts.

The Love Boat's Pacific PrincessSad to think that Charo will never go jiggling jogging on those decks again.

I haven’t been able to watch AMC’s new drama Low Winter Sun yet, but the Tampa Bay TimesEric Deggans thinks it suffers from the weight of its seriousness and sees a bad trend at AMC, with The Killing and Hell on Wheels all suffering from trying to hard to be the next Mad Men or Breaking Bad.

Why are we seeing so many talk shows dedicated to particular TV shows, like AMC’s Walking Dead-focused Talking Dead or Shark After Dark, which became a part of Shark Week? To some degree, those shows are like the proverbial water cooler, a place to talk about the show you just watched. However, with a hit series, ratings are very good. Bravo finds that if Watch What Happens Live features someone from a Bravo show that aired earlier that night, that helps WWHL ratings by 28 percent.

Talking DeadPlus there’s the whole Chris Hardwick-being-cute thing.

The latest twist on the drama over NBC’s planned mini-series about Hillary Clinton is that it may be produced by Fox, which sounds like a step to making sure no one is happy.

Since I’m sure some of you are going through Breaking Bad overexposure, the A.V. Club argues it’s overrated. While I think there’s a good point about the writing for the show’s female characters, I think a lot of it reads as the result of watching with the intention of being unimpressed.

Breaking Bad
The Real World
has been getting more violent as it has progressed. In 1998, it was shocking when Stephen slapped Irene. In the most recent season Real World: Portland, it had its most violent fight, which included using a hair dryer as a weapon and ripping hair extensions out. That probably reflects how there are less consequences for violence. Stephen was sent to anger management training for slapping Irene. Now, its the roommates who weren’t fighting who end up booking themselves a hotel room because they’re afraid for their safety.


The Talk (CBS) Check local listings
Mary McDonnell is on today’s guest list. I’m hoping the discussion includes McDonnell’s on-screen foster son, Rusty.

Switched at Birth (ABC Family) 8:00 PM ET
Since Toby and Nikki’s wedding is a thing that is still happening it’s about time Kathryn met her son’s future mother-in-law, Jennice. Maybe its the discovery that there was a meth dealer in the family, but meeting Jeff prompts Kathryn to call them “the family from Breaking Bad“. (If you thought you could escape people bringing up Breaking Bad, it turns out ABC Family isn’t the right destination.)

Americans in Bed (HBO) 9:00 PM ET
HBO’s next documentary takes a look at the sex lives of ten couples from different backgrounds with a series of interviews. And, yes, those ten couples include a male couple — George and Farid — who let sex happen slowly at the beginning of their relationship and now are dads.

Americans in BedHBO’s Americans in Bed

Major Crimes (TNT) 9:00 PM ET
The team realize that Rusty’s afternoon stops to LAPD headquarters might need a trigger warning when they investigate the murder of a 19-year-old prostitute.

Mythbusters (Discovery) 10:00 PM ET
Even the Mythbusters team gets into the Breaking Bad excitement testing a couple of memorable moments from the show’s early days, asking if acid can really eat through a bathtub. Then they see how explosive mercury fulminate can be. I guess I’ll have to wait to see if you can actually erase a laptop from the power of Tumblr’s “Ahhh”s when Aaron Paul yells, “Yeah, magnets!”

Breaking Bad/Mythbusters

Below Deck (Bravo) 10:00 PM ET
We’ve seen when guests cancel on a meal, that’s a rare break for the crew and a chance to indulge. However, when an entire charter cancels, Captain Lee turns it into a test to see if the crew can handle a fire drill.

Teen Wolf (MTV) 10:00 PM ET
As we near next week’s mid-season finale, the family members in jeopardy keep piling up. First we got McCall and Stilinski parents, but first Derek and Peter have to try to make sure Cora isn’t part of some life-and-death cliffhanger.

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