Curtain Opens on “Sound of Music Live!” and “Glee”‘s Lost Christmas Episode


NBC is likely to lose money with tonight’s debut of The Sound of Music Live!, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Instead, they’re hoping the production will do well enough to sell plenty of DVDs and soundtracks (cast recording?) and to be broadcast in the years to come at Christmas time.

Yesterday, Ryan Murphy tweeted:

So far, Amber Riley, Harry Shum Jr., Mark Salling, Kristin Chenoweth and Heather Morris are returning, which prompted AfterEllen to suggest ways not to screw up the long-awaited return of Brittany S. Pierce.

HBO is turning to Weeds and Orange is the New Black creator Jenji Kohan for a period drama set during the Salem witch trials. WGN America is also working on a drama set in Salem, it should be interesting to see if these two shows end up influencing each other.

Meanwhile, Vulture reports that HBO is getting ready to reboot the documentary series Real Sex. For now, the plan is to air a pilot on January 2 called Sex/Now with one segment on cam girls and another about a couple who have put their sex lives online (so nothing gay to start with).

EW reports that Tom Everett Scott is joining Beauty and the Beast in a recurring role. I’m pretty sure that’s still not enough to get me to give BatB another shot.

Tom Everett Scott in "Southland"

Deadline reports that TV Land has ordered a third season of The Soul Man.

Rapunzel is coming to Once Upon a Time. TVLine reports that The Originals’ Alexandra Metz has been cast in the role.

Syfy has ordered Dominion, a TV series based on the movie Legion. While, Legion didn’t look like a good movie, Buffy seemed like a strange movie to turn into a TV series, too. Plus this one has a promising cast with KingsChris Egan, Anthony Stewart Head and 300 hottie Tom Wisdom.

Chris Egan in "Kings"Chris Egan

Good news for Trapped in the Closet fans, the rap opera is getting additional chapters next year.


The Sound of Music Live! (NBC) 8:00 PM ET
Sure, trying to remake the classic Julie Andrews movie sounds like madness. Wisely, NBC isn’t attempting a TV remake of a classic movie musical but presenting this as a televised production of a beloved piece of musical theater. Plus, with Tony-winners Audra McDonald, Christian Borle and Laura Benanti in the supporting cast, there’s a lot of reason to feel optimistic.

Glee (Fox) 9:00 PM ET
It turns out that there was another Christmas special Fox refused to air. I guess last year’s Christmas episode was just a dream? Or, maybe, that’s just a way to justify having a Christmas episode, even though a year hasn’t passed since for these characters since they last celebrated Christmas.

Chris Colfer, Naya Rivera and Lea Michelle in "Glee"There’s even a Hummel elf.

Project Runway All Stars (Lifetime) 9:00 PM ET
On a previous season of Project Runway All Stars, the designers worked to create a dress for Miss Piggy. Tonight, Marge Simpson asks for a dress for a night out. Miss Piggy may be a pig and a Muppet, but her complexion does fall in the human range, are they going to have to create dresses that look good against highlighter-yellow skin and blue hair that’s two heads tall?

White Collar (USA) 9:00 PM ET
Peter finally gets someone else to share some sexual tension when he’s assigned to work with an FBI agent who shares a romantic history with him. Looking at the promotional photos, this episode has Christian Campbell working really hard to cover up his innate cuteness.

Christian Campbell and Sharif Atkins in "White Collar"

The Crazy Ones (CBS)
Someone had to provide a chance for CBS to promote next week’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and since The Crazy Ones is now the network’s most product-placement friendly show that means Lauren ends up getting stuck in a bra worth millions. Gordon shows up, so there’s still something gay about it (okay, lingerie in flashy, over-the-top designs are somewhat gay).

Scandal (ABC) 10:00 PM ET
Poor Cyrus. He’s learning what happens when you use your husband as a honey trap. Did I say poor Cyrus? No, this is another moment where a Scandal character orchestrated their own well-deserved misery.

Guillermo Dias and Scott Foley in "Scandal"

Conan (TBS) 11:00 PM ET
Conan’s chatting with Jim Parsons tonight.

Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC) 11:35 PM ET
Usually when I see Guillermo Diaz’s name on a talk show guest list, I’m thrilled. Then, I had the thought, “What if this is like how Talking Dead always talks with a Walking Dead actor after their character gets killed off?” Now I’m nervous. Huck is one of the few characters on Scandal I don’t root against.

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Clinton Kelly joins Rachael for holiday fashion tips. I presume those fashion tips include “Get the Christmas sweater with the biggest reindeer and the most colors.”

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