“Teen Wolf” Asks ‘What’s Happening with Stiles?’ and “Being Human” Throws a Werewolf Baby Shower


Rob Riggle has joined the cast of The Pro. The NBC comedy pilot stars Rob Lowe as a fallen tennis doubles champion who reunites with his former partner (Riggle) after hitting hard times. I’m watching this one since it comes from out Emmy-winner Todd Holland as a director.

CNN is cutting back on Anderson Cooper. The news channel has pulled from the schedule AC360 Later a “more relaxed” companion series for Cooper’s regular news hour. If you’re not familiar with AC360 Later, that might be because it was infrequently scheduled and would sometimes disappear from the schedule for weeks. Did anyone catch it? Will you miss it?

Anderson Cooper

Vulture talked with Sarah Paulson about the upcoming season of American Horror Story. (Yeah, we’re already talking about next season. Deal with it.) When asked if she’s preparing for her new role the same way Jessica Lange is practicing a German accent Paulson teased, “I’m not working on an accent, but I’m working on something. That’s all I can say.” Start speculating.

Fox has lost a lawsuit that may affect future broadcasts of Glee in the UK. The owner of four comedy clubs called The Glee Club sued for trademark infringement and won. However, if Fox is allowed to appeal a final decision will take a year, which might be long enough for the series to reach its planned finale before facing any legal restrictions.

Darren Star’s TV Land pilot Younger has started production but not before adding Debi Mazar along with Swingtown and GCB alum (and TBL-fave) Miriam Shor. The pilot also stars Sutton Foster, Hilary Duff and why can’t this be on my DVR already?

Miriam Shor in "GCB:"Oh, GCB, gone just as you were getting interesting. Sigh.

Rita Moreno has joined the cast of Old Soul, an NBC comedy pilot about a former party girl (Natasha Lyonne) who settles down and takes a job running a senior care business. Moreno will play a Broadway star named Rita who is one of the clients. I hope Moreno has time to properly study for such a role.

Diego Trujillo, who plays the Walter White character in Unimas’ Spanish-language adaptation of Breaking Bad, Metástasis told The New Republic that the role required him to change the way he approached acting. “I was used to working on soap operas, where the characters are so two-dimensional—black or white, good or bad. And they stay the same from beginning to end of a series… But Walter White transforms. For the first time… I had no idea how to play the part.” That struck me as ironic since one hallmark of American soap operas is how characters can transform over time.

Diego Trujillo and Robert Ubina in "Metastasis"Walt and Jesse’s Colombian counterparts.

Maggie Q has found her first post-Nikita TV role, according to Deadline. She’s set to star in a limited series about Ching Shih, a woman who became a powerful pirate and head of one of the largest crime syndicates. Considering my husband’s love of pirate lore (I blame Sid Meier), I better set the DVR now.

The Opening Ceremony for the winter Olympics was watched by 31.7 million people which was down 8 percent from the opening ceremony in Vancouver four years ago. That’s still considered pretty strong since the Vancouver games were aired live.

The new focus for news channel HLN is social media and its promise of drawing younger viewers who prefer to get their news from online sources. From the samples offered, I don’t see much promise. Maybe, instead, they could try distancing themselves from the privilege-defending instincts of sister channel CNN (as displayed last week with Janet Mock’s appearances on Piers Morgan Live).


Independent Lens (PBS) Check local listings
With Spies of Mississippi, PBS looks into a little-known aspect of the Civil Rights movement — how far the Mississippi state government went to squash the civil rights movement. Creating an agency to spy on American citizens to maintain the discriminatory status quo.

Switched at Birth (ABC Family) 8:00 PM ET
Renzo (Alec Mapa) is finally back this week as he and Kathryn head to New York to meet with book editors. I hope she runs into the author of How to Tell Your Self-Involved Husband You’re Desperately Unhappy. Katherine needs advice in that direction.

Alec Mapa and Lea Thompson in "Switched at Birth"

Almost Human (F0x) 8:00 PM ET
Two mysterious deaths show how 2048’s future tech can end up colliding — as it turns out that designer drugs and genetic-enhancements don’t mix. I guess that means this show is predicting our drug testing procedures are even more lax in 2048. I wonder how long the side effect warnings take to read in their drug ads.

Being Human (Syfy) 9:00 PM ET
Now that Sally’s traveling through time, there’s even more reason to dress up its vampire characters in period costumes. Since Sam Witwer looks good in a fedora, why not travel back to the 1920s. Meanwhile, since Sam Huntington looks so good shirtless, how about more workout scenes? Also, Being Human adds “werewolf baby shower” to the list of phrases that don’t come up in supernatural dramas often enough.

Sam Witwer and Meaghan Rath in "Being HUman"

The Fosters (ABC Family) 9:00 PM ET
A funeral prompts all of the Fosters to rethink things. That includes Callie, who reconsiders her priorities (finally), Jude who has to face some painful memories (Judd has enough painful memories, show, at this point Jude deserves nothing but puppies, rainbows and nail polish) while Stef and Lena have a talk about Lena’s ticking biological clock.

Teen Wolf (MTV) 10:00 PM ET
We get a few steps closer to explaining the sweet mysteries of Stiles. That means exploring the illness that killed Stiles’ mom. Admittedly an urgent matter since Stiles is experiencing the same symptoms.

Chelsea Lately (E!) 11:00 PM ET
Ross Mathews is on the panel tonight as Sharon Osbourne gets ready to talk with Chelsea.

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Tomorrow’s Preview

Days of Our Lives (NBC) Check local listings
Spotting Will or Sonny’s name in upcoming episodes has been challenging (maybe because “Sonny tensely serves Nick a beer” does not scream “DVR ALERT!”) but we can expect to see more of Salem’s most domestic twentysomethings tomorrow.

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