“True Blood” May End Next Season and Anna Gunn Takes on Skyler’s Critics


Michael Ian Black has been promoted to a series regular on Us & Them, the upcoming Fox comedy based on Gavin & Stacey. Black’s character sounds like Uncle Brin from the original series, who would often say things that would set off everyone’s gaydar, despite identifying as straight. Jokes like that are a challenging balancing act, I hope this show has it right.

Us & ThemThe cast of Us & Them.

Our thoughts and best wishes go out to the friends and family of Julie Harris who died this weekend at the age of 87. Harris had gay fans for a variety of reasons, between roles on East of Eden, The Haunting and Knot’s Landing and enough Broadway roles to earn a Lifetime achievement Tony.

There’s an Angel reunion coming to Grimm. Alexis Denisof will appear in a story arc as Renard’s cousin. That sees Denisof working once more with Angel co-creator David Greenwalt.

Alexis DenisofAlexis Denisof

ABC Family has ordered a trio of comedy pilots including one starring Tori Spelling as an actress who goes from playing a detective on TV to solving real-life mysteries.

Is the end of True Blood near? Showrunner Brian Buckner says HBO is debating the supernatural drama’s future and one possibility has the next season being the final one.

Anna Paquin and Ryan Kwanten in "True Blood"

Deadline says that Oz is the hottest property on TV this season. NBC is developing its own Oz-inspired drama from the creator of Siberia. That joins CBS’ medical drama, Syfy’s mini-series set in a post-apocalyptic Oz and one more project Deadline reports is getting pitched. Just writing that list put me in danger of getting sick of Oz, at least until I hear of a project about the Patchwork Girl, Woozy and Tik Tok.

Anna Gunn has written an opinion column for the New York Times about the misogynistic reaction her Breaking Bad character seems to inspire. “I finally realized that most people’s hatred of Skyler had little to do with me and a lot to do with their own perception of women and wives. Because Skyler didn’t conform to a comfortable ideal of the archetypical female, she had become a kind of Rorschach test for society, a measure of our attitudes toward gender. ”

Anna Gunn and Bryan Cranson in Breaking Bad

Matt Lucas will reunite with his Bridesmaids co-star Rebel Wilson, filming a guest spot on Wilson’s upcoming Super Fun Night.


Days of Our Lives (NBC) Check local listings
Now that Gabi and Nick are talking again, this might be a good time for him to voice his concerns, preferably in the calm and polite way soaps are known for.

Mistresses (ABC) 9:00 PM ET
This summer brought along a number of series I meant to sample but never got around to watching. I still don’t have any idea if this American adaptation of a British series is worth watching or not, but figure those of you who enjoy it will appreciate a reminder that the show is airing an hour earlier, now. Anyone have thoughts on this show for your fellow TBL readers?

Under the Dome (CBS) 10:00 PM ET
Now that the show has been renewed for a second season, looks like the residents of Chester’s Mill won’t be getting out from under the dome any time soon. At least we’re going to find out what happens when Julia learns what really happened to her husband.

Dome Under

Below Deck (Bravo) 10:00 PM ET
For the season finale, the Honor takes on its last charter which includes several lesbians. There’s something about that group that either prompts Adrienne to flirt hard to get a good tip or she just might be coming out. The crew isn’t sure which. Meanwhile, one crew member shocks everyone by suddenly quitting.

The Writers’ Room (Sundance) 10:00 PM ET
This week, it’s writers from Game of Thrones and, yes, “Sexposition” is part of the discussion. But will they reveal how many female extras (or minor characters) have to appear before a male actor drops trou?

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