“Bunheads” Stud Picked for “True Blood” Recast, Lifetime Goes “Under the Gunn” and “Veronica Mars” Spins Off a Webseries


AfterEllen lists the 14 most important TV shows currently airing for queer visibility with some solid picks.

Thomas Dekker will continue to appear on the upcoming Fox drama Backstrom. Dekker has a guest role in the pilot episode as a gay “ex-hustler-turned-entrepreneurial crook” who is an informant for the show’s detective. Now that it has become a series, Dekker will continue to appear. That helps after losing a lesbian character.

Thomas DekkerThomas Dekker. Grab a map before you look into those eyes so you don’t get lost.

CBS has renewed its entire daytime lineup. It’s nice to see stability return to daytime.

The Good Wife producer Robert King promises Kalinda’s storyline gets going soon, saying he understood viewers were frustrated with the investigator’s lack of screen time this season. Meanwhile, with The Michael J. Fox Show  having finished filming, he’s hoping Louis Canning will make a return appearance.

How I Met Your Mother co-creator Carter Bays took to Twitter to apologize to fans who were offended by the Asian stereotypes on Monday’s show. “We try to make a show that’s universal, that anyone can watch and enjoy. We fell short of that this week, and feel terrible about it. To everyone we offended, I hope we can regain your friendship, and end this series on a note of goodwill.” I’m impressed by the sincerity of the apology.

Former Bunheads hunk Nathan Parsons has been cast as Luke Grimes’ replacement on True Blood, according to TVLine.

Bunhead's Godot (Nathan Parsons(

HBO has ordered a 13th season of Real Time with Bill Maher, which keeps the show running through 2015.

In an interview with Uproxx, Archer producer Matt Thompson said that this season’s change of setting was a pretty expensive move. “Watch any cartoon that’s on TV. I’ll just use The Simpsons, for example. It’s all the same. You’re in their house. You’re in their living room. They’re wearing those same clothes and that’s done that way for a reason. So you don’t end up spending a billion dollars every day. And we’re just dumb, I guess. Because now we’re living in different places, we’re going different places, we’re wearing different clothes. And it’s not the most cost effective thing to do in the world. But it makes it interesting.”

Archer ViceApparently, the new direction wasn’t inspired by the desire to draw Sterling in Miami Vice wear.

Parks & Recreation isn’t done having Pawnee residents clashing with their Eagleton counterparts. Dan Castelleneta will return as Public Radio host Derry Murbles who finds him self dealing with a station merger that forces him to work with a snobby Eagleton host played by John Hodgman. This sounds amazing.

Talking to the Television Critics Association, CW boss Mark Pedowitz said he doesn’t foresee an end to Supernatural. “As long as I’m here and those numbers still hold, god bless them, they can go as long as they want.”

Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Felicia Day in "Supernatural"But how about a Charlie in Oz spin-off?

Unfortunately, the network also announced that they’ve given up on the proposed Wonder Woman  prequel series Amazon. However, that won’t be the end of trying to make a Wonder Woman TV show.

The CW has picked up mini-series Labyrinth. The four-hour tale follows two women in medieval and modern-day France who are both searching for the Holy Grail. It stars Downton Abbey alum Jessica Brown Findlay, Tom Felton and Sebastian Stan.

The CW has ordered a Veronica Mars webseries, which creator Rob Thomas revealed on Twitter will be a comedy about Dick Casablancas.


The View (ABC) Check local listings
In order to get the word out about his new show Under the Gunn, Tim Gunn is making the sacrifice of visiting The View.

Community (NBC) 8:00 PM ET
Last week, Pierce’s death came out of nowhere and didn’t get a lot of time. That gets fixed this week as Justified’s Walton Goggins shows up to give the study group lie detector tests as part of implementing Pierce’s will.

Walton Goggins in "Communty"That bewildered look seems apt for Greendale.

The 19th Annual Critics Choice Movie Awards (CW) 8:00 PM ET
The CW gets to be a part of awards show season with this ceremony hosted by the faboo Aisha Tyler

Project Runway All Stars (Lifetime) 8:00 PM ET
We couldn’t possibly leave the season behind without a reunion show.

Parks and Recreation (NBC) 8:30 PM ET
It’s a day of new beginnings for both Leslie and Ben as they start the first day of their new jobs. To bad for Ben he’s not starting work as a Game of Thrones essayist. He’d be great at that.

Adam Scott in "Parks & Recreation"Huh. Bedhead Ben. I’ll be in my bunk.

Chopped Canada (Food Network) 9:00 PM ET
Since Food Network viewers can’t seem to get enough of Chopped, it’s started airing the Canadian counterpart. This one has Dean McDermott hosting and, while he’s got his charms as Mr. Tori Spelling, it won’t be easy to watch without missing Ted Allen.

Sean Saves the World (NBC) 9:00 PM ET
Once again, Sean finds his personal and business lives crossing as Max starts doing business with the con man (Andy Richter Controls the Universe alum James Patrick Stuart) who had an affair with Sean’s ex-wife.

James Patrick Stuart, Parvesh Cheena and Thomas Lennon on "Sean Saves the World"

White Collar (USA) 9:00 PM ET
Er, this week Peter and Neal work to investigate… an assassin? Who might have ties to Neal’s criminal past? Would this make more sense if I were caught up, I don’t remember assassins being among the criminals Peter pursued or a part of Neal’s history.

Under the Gunn (USA) 9:00 PM ET
It feels like Christmas what with Tim. Gunn. finally getting his own fashion competition show. (Let’s try to forget that repetitive makeover show Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style ever happened.) Under the Gunn isn’t just a fashion competition, it’s a show where Nick Verreos, Anya Ayoung-Chee and Mondo Guerra have to each mentor five designers through the competition.

Tim Gunn, Mondo Guerra and Nick Verros in "Under the Gunn"I just look at a picture like this and start waiting to hear things aren’t as good as they look.

The Brian Boitano Project (HTGTV) 11:00 PM ET
Brian Boitano heads to Italy to remodel the 200-year-old house he inherited. The place is falling apart and has no electricity or plumbing, which means he’s got a big enough project to make an entire series. Now why is HGTV airing this in late night? Is Brian Boitano supposed to be the HGTV Jon Stewart?

Chelsea Lately (E!) 11:00 PM ET
Ross Mathews is on tonight’s panel as Chelsea interviews Heather Graham.

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