TV on Tap: Gabriel Mann’s “Arrested Development” Song and NBC Heads for “Siberia”


Soon, there will be more than 24 seconds of the Arrested Development song, “Getaway.” TV Guide reports that there’s an Arrested Development soundtrack that’s sending Gabriel Mann back to the studio (yes, that Gabriel Mann from Revenge, he’s the singing voice of Mark Cherry) to co-write and perform a full-length version of the song. The soundtrack will likely also include a medley of songs from the Fantastic Four musical and the power-anthem “Balls in the Air”.

Arrested Development's Mark CherrMark-with-a-k-not-a-c Cherry

There are a bunch of pilots getting a second chance but the most disappointing rejection was the untitled pilot starring and written by John Mullaney. Reports said the pilot was really good, plus it starred Ellott Gould as Mullaney’s gay neighbor, so it helps make up for all the gay representation we lost this season. Thus, I was pretty thrilled to see Deadline’s report that Fox is ordering a revised script as a first step to picking up the series.

Pedro Pascal, who you probably recognize as the homeless vet Justin befriends on Brothers & Sisters or roles in The Good Wife and Graceland has been picked to play Game of ThronesRed Viper, which I understand is really exciting news for those of you who’ve read the books.

Pedro PascalYou might also recognize him from the Burn Notice movie.

Deadline reports that NBC is looking to order a comedy starring Roseanne Barr from Nurse Jackie creator Linda Wallem. The deal would follow the 10/90 format of Anger Management, where 10 episodes would be initially ordered and if certain ratings goals are met, NBC will automatically order another 90 episodes.

EW says that ABC is already on the verge of ordering more episodes of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. Actually, from the way EW writes about it, the Once Upon a Time spin-off series isn’t so much a limited series but one of those shows they plan on calling a miniseries if the- ratings aren’t good.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
How many of these short-lived talk shows hosted by celebrities do you remember?


The Fosters Marathon (ABC Family) starting at 3:00 PM ET
If you’ve missed ABC Family’s charming family drama, ABC Family is airing all four episodes so far so you can catch up. So far, it’s worth the effort.

American Ninja Warrior (NBC) 8:00 PM ET
The Long Beach tryouts continue as viewers wonder if that Nunchuck Swing is going to give us qualifiers who never finished the course. This is already creating flashbacks to that terrible Sasuke season when the spider wall originally became a part of the first course.

Switched at Birth (ABC Family) 8:00 PM ET
It turns out that his judgement against the hospital gave Angelo “joining the country club” money, so he does. That just raises the question why he spent last week complaining about Regina’s messiness instead of thinking about spending his “hiring a housekeeper” money.

The Goodwin Games (Fox) 8:30 PM ET
The cast of The Goodwin Games got a surprise finale when Fox suddenly cancelled the remainder of the series’ order — so can it even try for a satisfying conclusion? At least they’re going out with an episode directed by Neil Patrick Harris.

The Goodwin GamesAdieu les Goodwins.

Gideon’s Army (HBO) 9:00 PM ET
The tough work of the public defender is examined in HBO’s latest documentary, which includes a profile of Clarence Earl Gideon whose battle with the law established the right to a public defender.

The Fosters (ABC Family) 9:00 PM ET
Stef and Lena aren’t the only lesbian parents in town. Too bad, one of those other couples, Kelly and Jenna are struggling to keep their relationship together, prompting Lena and Stef to notice they’ve been too busy taking care of their kids to focus on each other. Clearly, the answer is more kids. Or a few dogs, that’s what my parents picked. Meanwhile, Kelly and Jenna’s son (ally and slam poet Noah St. John) is drawing Mariana interest.

Major Crimes (TNT) 9:00 PM ET
The hopes of many a Major Crime fan gets put in jeopardy when Rusty brings a girl from class to the LAPD, so they can spend time together.

Major Crime

Below Deck (Bravo) 10:00 PM ET
Bravo doesn’t often focus on working people, especially not without a rich boss to lead the show, so I’m a little more intrigued by this show than the next Real Housewives spin-off, especially for out former Marine David Bradberry and his partner Trevor Knight.

Siberia (NBC) 10:00 PM ET
NBC’s new summer drama follows a reality show where things go wrong and the contestants have to battle for survival. Sure, it sounds like a good way to vent any annoyances with reality TV but I’ve had the Big Brother-themed My Little Eye in my Netflix queue for literally years.

Teen Wolf (MTV) 10:00 PM ET

Scott tells a story of that one time her faught an Alpha while we hope that Stiles finds a quick solution to this “virginity will kill me” problem. Over at the Teen Wolf tumblr there will be more live-giffing, so be sure to avoid it if you don’t want to be spoiled.

Under the Dome (CBS) 10:00 PM ET
As memorable as they may be (okay, The Bubble only nags at your memory if you do try to remember it) there aren’t that many movies about a town under a barrier. However, even with only a few samples, it’s a good chance it will quickly answer the viewers wondering, “Why don’t they just dig under and see how far down it goes?” Under the Dome dismisses those concerns pretty quickly.

Under the DomeWe should talk about how good Mike Vogel looks with that beard.

Warehouse 13 (Syfy) 10:00 PM ET
Paracelus has turned Claudia into an structurally unstable bronze statue. Artie and the team have to track him down before she disintegrates.

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