Twenty Hot TV Cops Who Can Frisk Us Anytime!

Southland makes its TNT debut tonight, and it brings back gay cop John Cooper (Michael Cudlitz), who is tough on perps, but easy on the eyes.

He joins a long list of TV cops who can arrest thieves while stealing our hearts. And they have their own handcuffs! Here are just a few of our top cops …

Kevin LaPorte in Les Bleus

Played by Nicolas Gob, Kevin was a gay rookie cop who had to deal with family drama, a troubled love-life, and French criminals, and still managed to be adorable.

Benton Fraser in Due South

Played by Paul Gross, Benton was the most polite cop in the history of TV, using "sir" and "please" while providing crook beatdowns. And he was a Mountie, so the jokes write themselves!

Keith Charles in Six Feet Under

Played by Mathew St. Patrick, gay cop Keith not only had to deal with brutal criminals, but had to deal with the Fisher family, and somehow survived.

Starsky & Hutch

Played by David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser, this was the greatest "bromance" of the 70’s.

Chris Lorenzo in Silk Stalkings

Played by Rob Estes, Chris was the hottest thing in Palm Beach, in one of the greatest guilty pleasure shows of the 90’s.

Jack Carter in Eureka

Played by Colin Ferguson, this sexy sheriff has to deal with all manner of weirdness, but manages to look damn good while doing it.

Eric Delko in CSI: Miami

Played by Adam Rodriguez, Eric doesn’t need a sunglass obsession or irritating halting line delivery to make his mark.

Adam Beaudreaux in Street Justice

Played by Carl Weathers, Adam was as tough-as-nails as they come, but also wore turtlenecks like no one else. In one episode, he went after the gay bashers who killed a friend’s son.

Elliot Stabler in Law & Order: SVU

Played by Christopher Meloni, Elliot may um, "bend" civil liberties at times, but when you’re that hot, what’s wrong with a little head-cracking?

John Sullivan in Third Watch

Played by Skipp Sudduth, John was surrounded by beefcake, but the teddy bear cop more than managed to hold his own.

Ponch and Jon in Chips

Played by Erik Estrada and Larry Wilcox, the other great 70’s "bromance" had us wondering how they could move in those tight uniforms.

Rick Silardi in Hooperman

Played by Joey Gian, Rick was TV’s first openly gay TV cop.

Vince Romano in T.J. Hooker

Played by Adrian Zmed, Vince had to deal with a bombastic partner while keeping his feathered hair in perfect place.

Baldwin Jones in NYPD Blue

Played by Henry Simmons, Baldwin was a sweet jolt from the pasty backsides on display.

Eddie Arlette in Keen Eddie

Played by Mark Valley, Eddie was a NY fish-out-of-water in London, but he’d be hot anywhere.

Oliver Fish in One Life To Live

Played by Scott Evans, out cop Oliver is one FUB you don’t want to mess with … or do you?

Crocket & Tubbs in Miami Vice

Played by Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas, they were the "bromance" of the 80’s. It takes a special guy to pull off pastels.

Tim Bayliss in Homicide: Life on the Street

Played by Kyle Secor, Tim was that rarity … a bisexual male TV character.

John Cooper and Ben Sherman in Southland

Played by Michael Cudlitz and Ben McKenzie, "Shooper" (which i just now coined, and is just awful, and should never be used again) could be the cop "bromance" of this decade.

Enos Strate in Dukes of Hazzard

Played by Sonny Shroyer. Don’t look at me like that. I can’t be the only one who had Enos fantasies.

So who are your favorite hot cops?

80's Pop Culture Expert, Shooting At The Walls Of Heartache.