Twitter CEO Dragged on His Own Platform for Not Banning Alex Jones

Jack Dorsey tried to explain why his was the lone major tech company that didn't ban the conspiracy theorist, but it led to more anger.

Alex Jones was recently kicked off, or had material removed from, multiple tech platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple, and Spotify.


One company is notably absent from the list: Twitter. CEO Jack Dorsey (below) took to the platform to explain that decision, and was hit with a steady stream of feedback telling him he needs to have a rethink.

Jack Dorsey Twitter CEO
Larry French/Getty Images for Thurgood Marshall College Fund

Jones has built an empire, with his online publishing venture Infowars, pushing conspiracy theories, including 911 trutherism, Pizzagate, and the “crisis actors” false flag belief around mass shootings, which argues they are staged to pass restrictive gun laws.

He was forced to apologize when a North Carolina man who believed the Pizzagate conspiracy, which claimed there was a child sex-ring being run out of the basement of a D.C. pizzeria, traveled there to “investigate” himself, firing shots inside.

Further damage has been done to families of children who were murdered at Sandy Hook, who have faced harassment and have been doxxed by people who believe the shooting was staged. The issue is now a court matter, with one family filing a lawsuit against Jones as a result.

Jones has also routinely gone after the LGBTQ community, blaming the high suicide rate not on anti-LGBTQ discrimination but on gay people being mean to each other. He had an explosively negative reaction to drag queen story time events.

One bizarre rant saw him arguing that a “gay bomb” was being used to turn troops, and others, gay. He also suggested it was turning frogs gay.

Dorsey took to Twitter on Tuesday night to address the situation, explaining that Jones had not directly violated the service’s rules and that to ban him would be arbitrary.

While there were some positive reactions, which is unsurprising considering Jones has over 860,000 followers on the platform and Infowars has some 425,000, scores of Twitter users responded with upset and disdain over the decision.

Dorsey returned to Twitter today to add further comment.

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