Twitter Goes Ballistic Over “The Walking Dead” Gay Kiss


Shambling hordes of animated corpses are one thing, but when The Walking Dead aired a gay kiss on Sunday’s episode, unenlightened Twitter trolls shouted “Enough is enough!”

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In the episode, Rick and the gang encounter Aaron, who brings them to his heavily fortified “community.” Aaron is then reunited with boyfriend, Eric, and the pair share a passionate kiss.

The bigots went into overdrive.



For those of you who don’t watch, The Walking Dead has depicted a woman killing a mentally unbalanced child, cannibals amputating and eating a man’s leg,  among other graphic sights.

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And this dad is upset his children had to see a dimly lit kiss between two men.

Rest assured, sure: Given TWD’s track record, we’re sure either Aaron or Eric will end up zombies within a few episodes.

Watch the horrific smooch below.

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