Two Authors Are Challenging Stereotypes With LGBT Fairy Tale “Promised Land”

"We decided to write the story that our eight year old selves needed."

Two New Zealand-based authors have struck out to create a children’s Fairy Tale that adheres to all the classic tropes (star-crossed lovers, adventure, obstacles encountered and overcome) except one; instead of boy meets girl, there’s is a tale of boy meets boy.

Authors Adam Reynolds & Chaz Harris have teamed up to create Promised Land, a story about a young Prince and a Farmboy who fall in love after a chance meeting in the enchanted forest that lies between the Prince’s kingdom and the Farmboy’s home.

It’s not all roses, though, as a conflict soon arises between the boys’ two worlds when the Prince’s sinister Queen Mother seeks to co-opt the farmer’s land for her own.


Though the plot is not particularly original, the inclusion of two LGBT protagonists is something that most children wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to encounter, a fact that motivated the two out authors to create the story.

“Growing up with very little in the way of LGBT stories in print or on screen, we decided to write the story that our eight year old selves needed,” writes the authors in a statement on the project’s Kickstarter.


“During our childhoods and teen years, we had no role models or stories that represented the notion that ’happily ever after’ could even exist if you’re gay. As such, we felt there should be more stories like that, and so we wrote one together.”

They go on to say that “Promised Land is not just a story for gay youth. The sexuality of our main characters is never questioned-they merely happen to be two young men who meet and fall in love.”

Check out a promotional video for the book below!

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h/t: Gay Star News

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