Two Ladies Named Sarah Just Got Married, And Their Best Man Gave An Epic Toast

"I'm here to break up a nasty misconception that seems to be every man's dream--living with two lesbians."

When two women named Sarah got married to each other earlier this month, they asked their straight roommate and best man, Nathan, to give a speech.

The results are pretty perfect.

Nathan is dropping f-bombs and making racial comments, and the crowd is eating it up.

He even tries to give us an inside look into the private lives of lesbians.

“The worst part about lesbian sex is there’s a never-ending supply of them not shutting the f*ck up afterwards,” said Nathan, who revealed the wall separating his bedroom from theirs was paper thin. “Not like normal people who just roll over and go to sleep. No, they want to talk about their day.”

Things get emotional during the touching finale when he reveals his best friend has gone through a lot in the last two years, including the unexpected death of both of her parent and being diagnosed with cancer.

Watch the celebration video full of tears and laughter below.