Two Unreleased Madonna Songs From Early 1990s Leak: LISTEN

madonna 1992

While we all wait for that unapologetic bitch Madonna to release her next album, two old tracks from the Material Lady have mysteriously emerged online.

“Shame” borrows a hook from the Spinners’ “It’s a Shame”—which was famously sampled by Monie Love—and, along with “You Are the One,” comes courtesy of  producer Shep Pettibone (“Erotica,” “Deeper And Deeper”) and writer Anthony Shimkin (“Bad Girl”). Both songs were originally intended for 1992’s Erotica, but for whatever reason were scrapped.

More than two decades later, listeners can peel back the layers of time meet Madonna back when she was a gold-tooth harlot named Dita and had a dirty coffee-table book at Barnes & Noble.


“You Are The One”

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