Tyler Hoechlin Calls Ex-Costar Colton Haynes “Sexy Piece Of Ass” In Twitter Video

Well, obviously.

We happen to know that Colton Haynes’ birthday is in July, so we’re not sure why this birthday greeting from his former Teen Wolf co-star Tyler Hoechlin is surfacing now.

But given that Hoechlin calls Haynes a “master” piece of ass and a sexy son-of-a-bitch in it, we’re not really that concerned.

The candid clip was posted by Derek Halliwell, a.k.a. “FeelsForSterek,” who clearly pines for a Derek and Stiles relationship.

We feel that, but maybe a Derek and Jackson ship would be more appropriate?

Glad ur havin a fun time drownin me @tylerl_hoechlin …you can leave now

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The guys of Teen Wolf seem to have developed a strong bond, even among those who have left the show. Haynes recently revealed he struggles with severe anxiety.

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