This (Fake) Movie About Tyler Perry Is Pretty Damn Funny

This is what Oscar worthiness looks like

With the Golden Globe and the SAG Award nominations dropping this week, awards season is in high gear. It’s at full throttle. It’s a total recall. It’s at… well… you know.

But in the midst of all this trophy-passing, the good people at Film.comhave delivered a movie that ought to be chasing Oscar glory. Behold Perry, the moving story of how one struggling filmmaker slapped a mop on his head and became Madea.

Now, I know that Perry’s real journey involves writing and producing successful plays then parlaying them into a film and television empire that speaks to an African-American audience that is grossly underserved by the Hollywood establishment. But this version is funnier, and it involves more talking mops.

With any luck, Perry will be competing with Miley Cyrus’ awe-inspiring new film at next year’s Academy Awards.

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Mark Blankenship especially enjoys the moment where Tyler’s dad accepts his true calling. He tweets as @IAmBlankenship.