Tyler Posey Talks “Intense” Gay Hookup Scenes in “Now Apocalypse,” Calls Avan Jogia a Good Kisser

The actor said he was "excited to explore this kind of realm that I've never done before."

Starz comedy series Now Apocalypse premiered Sunday night, and even before making it to air has gotten plenty of attention for the steamy romance between the main character, Ulysses, played by Avan Jogia, and Gabriel, played by Tyler Posey.

Posey sat down with Young Hollywood to talk about what it has been like playing his first gay character, and gave some spicy details about the chemistry between Gabriel and Ulysses.

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“Me and Avan have some pretty intense hookup scenes,” he shared. “More intense than anything I’ve ever done straight on camera, and it was a breeze.”

“It was so much fun on set. I had the greatest time. The director, Greg [Araki], made it so easy and comfortable on set. It was just great, I had the greatest time filming it.”

“We’re going to make the splash page of Pornhub, I’m sure,” Jogia told TVLine. “Some of those scenes are going to be up there, I can feel it.”

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(L-R) Tyler Posey, Karley Sciortino, Roxane Mesquida, Avan Jogia, Beau Mirchoff, Kelli Berglund, and Gregg Araki attend the ’Now Apocalypse’ Los Angeles Premiere.

The Young Hollywood host asked Posey if Jogia was a good kisser, and he said that he was, but added that he himself is the better kisser, before mugging for the camera.

“Would he say you’re a good kisser, that’s the question,” the host added.

“I don’t know, hopefully,” Posey replied. “I’m excited to hear what he says.”


“We both have facial hair, and it kind of hurts” he added. “I feel bad for you guys. For anyone who has to kiss a stubbly man.”

Chances are high many would overlook the stubble to get a chance to kiss Posey or Jogia. Or, hell, both.


Posey also said of being offered the chance to play a gay character that he was “excited to explore this kind of realm that I’ve never done before.”

Watch the interview below.


“We’ve definitely made so much progress in the 20-25 years and thats why it’s so important for the show to come out right now,” Araki told NewNowNext in a recent interview.

“There are so many horrible, terrible people out there right now that are trying to drag people back into the dark ages. The idea of a show like this that is so feminist, so sex positive, and queer representative can be a beacon of hope at this time.”


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