Tyler Posey Cuddles With “Daddy” JR Bourne During “Teen Wolf” Interview

Posey crashed his co-star's interview to get some snuggle time.

If we were giving an award for the most bromantic actor on television, it would have to be Tyler Posey. The Teen Wolf star just loves getting affectionate with his male co-stars, whether its kissing Colton Haynes or getting Dylan O’Brien to tweak his nipples.

Now it’s JR Bourne, a.k.a. TW’s Chris Argent, who’s the object of affection for Posey, who crashed Bourne’s recent interview.


On the show, Posey has reached out to Argent to help deal with “The Beast” and other threats to Beacon Hills.

“He’s got a lot of fire power and a lot of things that we don’t have,” Posey told Hollywood Life.

“Our characters don’t have those things because we’re still young and sort of inexperienced to the whole Beacon Hills world, even though it’s been almost 6 seasons. He’s had a lot more experience on that side of things.”

Yeah, it always helps to have a more experienced dude show you the ropes.


Um, what were we talking about?

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