Tyler Posey Skateboards In His Undies, Barbra Dines With Ryan Murphy And Gaga, Neil Patrick Harris BBQs: CELEBRITY INSTAGRAM

Steve Grand dines with Hillary Clinton, Jake Shears can untuck after "Bent," Colton Haynes goofy Dubsmash

Jake Shears is ready to untuck

An X-Men cuddle to wrap the movie

Being an out Olympic gymnast certainly does the body good

It’s weird watching famous people be ordinary tourists

So hiking in Joshua Tree last month was for research?

Colton isn’t just hot, he can be goofy

Because skateboarding in your orange underpants is a completely normal thing to do

Now he knows that’s not a muffin top, it’s his obliques. We know it. He doesn’t have a muffin top, any more than I do. But yes, we think the world believes we have muffin tops because of that muscle, so we humblebrag

Steve Grand isn’t just playing music, he’s saving the world and rubbing elbows with presidential candidates

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 7.22.44 PM

These are two happy couples

So Barbra isn’t holding Ryan Murphy accountable for Larry Kramer’s screed about her decorating her home instead of developing The Normal Heart, which Ryan did in a matter of months?

What could be happening in The Flash’s lair that would cause Joe to draw his gun?

Chris looks almost normal sized here with Opie

He’s got a few years to enjoy a beer until the winter Olympics

My family BBQs don’t look quite this elegant

Stepping into the WWE ring left Stephen Amell looking like he’d taken on Slade again

Aww, look. snicks’ Federbear looks happy

Brands beware social media

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