London Man Kicked Out Of Uber By Driver Who Didn’t Want “Gay Stuff”

"Why should we hide who we are?"

A group of four young gay men were kicked out of their Uber over the weekend after the driver became enraged at the sight of one of them kissing the other on the cheek.

Paul Hanafin, 20, said the foursome was rejected from the car after being picked up from Heaven nightclub in central London. The friends had been celebrating a birthday and were in high spirits when they entered the vehicle, but things quickly turned cold.


According to Hanafin, after one of his pals grabbed another boy’s hand and kissed him on the cheek, the driver told the group that he didn’t want “gay stuff” in his car and demanded that they get out.

“We were all shocked,” the college student told the Daily Star. “You don’t expect that sort of homophobia in London in this day and age.”

“It was literally a peck on the cheek between two of my friends to say thank you for coming out to celebrate their birthday,” he continued. “We had just been chatting away about what a good night we’d had but this totally spoiled it. We had to get a bus the rest of the way.”

He concluded: “Why should we hide who we are? When he kicked us out I had no idea where we were, our phone batteries were dying, and it was about 4 am.”


While the situation left the friends feeling targeted and angry, they say they were happy with the way Uber dealt with the situation.

In addition to refunding their fare, the company claims to have launched an investigation into the matter, though they refuse to reveal its specifics due to “privacy.”

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