Ultimate Slash Madness Tourney – Round Four Voting!

UPDATE: Voting has closed for this round. The battle continues for Destiel and Sterek in The Championship Round!

Destiel, Johnlock, Merthur and Sterek! Only four wildly popular fantasy couples remain in our Ultimate Slash Madness Tourney. In bracket one, Teen Wolf’s Stiles & Derek at last faces some serious competition thanks to Brit favorites Merlin & Arthur.

And over in Bracket Two, Supernatural’s Dean & Castiel have to fend off everyone’s favorite sleuthing slash couple from BCC’s Sherlock.

Destiel dominated in the early voting rounds and seemed like they would cruise to the finals, but in Round Three, underdog McShep from Stargate Atlantis made it a real horse race thanks in part to actor David Hewlett lobbying on Twitter! Well done, sir!

Honestly, this Tourney has been way bigger than we ever imagined. To date over 4 million votes have been cast here on the site. Meanwhile, over on Tumblr this week, fans made a surreal slash pairing out of VH1 and AfterElton called “Vhelton” that went viral. Seriously! The slashfic has already been written.

There’s no telling what might happen this round, all four remaining contenders have a good shot at winning this thing.

Now time to make some hard choices and help your two favorites get into the final!

Note that this round of voting is only open until midnight eastern Sunday, September 16th so vote early and often. (As before, the polls are restricted to one vote in each bracket per hour. If you attempt to vote more frequently than that you’ll get a message that your vote has already been recorded).

Division 1



Division 2



Thank you for voting in the Ultimate Slash Madness Tourney. Round Four closed on Sunday, September 16th at 11:59pm eastern. You can see the final vote tally as of that point below…..