Ultimate TV Beefcake Tourney Round 3 Update

We’re less than 48 hours away from the close of Round 3 voting (Round closes Saturday evening at 11:59pm) and there’s a huge upset brewing. Right now Merlin is kicking the crap out of Glee, while in more expected news, Arrow is having a tough time of it against Teen Wolf.

Before you make your final decision, let’s celebrate the hotness of each show … but we’ll sidestep the usual suspects and pay tribute to the supporting beefcake. That’s where the true flavor is. We’ll start with Merlin vs. Glee

Colin Morgan, Bradley James, blah, blah, blah. Yes, they’re hot, but how about a little love for Rupert Young (Sir Leon), Tom Hopper (Sir Percival) and Eoin Macken (Gwaine).

Stoner Brett (Ryan Heinke) may be unkempt and reek of weed, but this hot ginger is sweet-natured and well … mellow. He might not be … typical beefcake , but he definitely gives us the munchies.


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I’ll see your Stephen Amell and Colton Haynes and raise you …. David Ramsey as the fabulously named John Diggle.

Yes, the younger cast are the eye-candy, but we have to give a shoutout to Chris Argent (JR Bourne), one of the hottest DILF’s on TV.



Voting allowed once per hour. Voting closes 11:59pm Eastern, Saturday, April 6.


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