Study Shows Children Of Same-Sex Couples Are Healthier, Happier: Today In Gay

A study out of the University of Melbourne claims that children raised by same-sex couples are healthier and happier than peers raised in heterosexual households.

A survey of 315 same-sex parents and 500 children indicated that kids of gay parents score about 6% better in regards to “general health and family cohesion,” a rate that was consistent across different socioeconomic groups.

Gay parents have to “take on roles that are suited to their skill sets rather than falling into gender stereotypes,” says Dr. Simon Crouch, who led the study. “[This makes] “a more harmonious family unit and therefore feeding on to better health and well-being.”

While earlier studies have yielded similar results, the Melbourne survey is the largest in the world to date.  A controversial study by sociologist Mark Regnerus indicated children of gay parents fared worse than their peers, but it was discredited because Regnerus did not actually study children raised by same-sex couples—he interviewed adults whose parents had come out as gay years after they left the house.

Miguel Pinzon, the out actor who plays Tori Spelling and Jenny Garth’s gay Guy Friday on ABC Family’s Mystery Girls, says he’d be happy to follow the career path of Spelling’s last gay sidekick, Zachary Quinto.

“I would not mind that road he’s laid out,” he says of Quinto, who appeared on the mid-2000s show So NoTORIous.“It ain’t a bad one. Tori is fantastic. She picks her sidekick gay best friends quite well.”

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon announced last week that the UN will recognize same-sex married couples and provide them with equal benefits, regardless of whether or not marriage equality is recognized in their home country.

“Equality begins at home,” said Moon. “Human rights are at the core of the mission of the United Nations. I am proud to stand for greater equality for all staff, and I call on all members of our UN family to unite in rejecting homophobia as discrimination that can never be tolerated at our workplace.”


Uber, the popular car-service app, married eight gay couples in impromptu ceremonies last weekend during San Francisco Pride. The couples used the company’s app to request an UberWEDDING and selected where in the City by the Bay they wanted to tie the knot.

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