This Parody Video Expertly Describes Undecided Voters

"See, this is hard because both seem so similar to me."

It’s hard to believe there are still undecided voters remaining in this circus of an election season, but as our dear friend Ken Bone pointed out this month, they certainly do exist.

But now, Frankie and Alexandra of RosaBaby Comedy are skewering those who are still somehow unsure of how to vote next month in a perfect pie-filled parody video.

The duo heads into a bakery to pick out a dessert for the night ahead, but when the baker reveals there are only two pies left to choose from — a classic blueberry and a pie with razor blades sticking out of it — the decision is more than the friends can take.

“Are the blueberries organic?” asks Alexandra of the pie that looks least likely to harm them. “Because there’s something about this pie that I just don’t trust.”

Check out the hilarious video below.

Adam Salandra is a writer, performer and host in Los Angeles. When he's not covering the latest in pop culture, you can find him playing with his French Bulldog puppy or hovering over the table of food at any social gathering.