Under The Covers: Help Us Rename This Book

Sure, working here in TheBacklot Blungeon™ (Blog + dungeon) is a never-ending parade of cute puppies and lollipops, but sometimes things get a bit hectic, and we need help from our faithful readers.

The TPTB have given us a trunk filled with moldy copies of LGBT books, with orders to alphabetize them. Unfortunately, the titles on all the covers have been blacked out! This is where you come in.

We’re giving you the cover art for a book and asking you to create a new title based just on the cover art. We’ll pick our favorite, and announce the winner next Wednesday (along with the real title.)

Take a look at the cover art above and take your best shot!

Here’s last week’s cover

And the winner is … “He Came Upon A Midnight Bear”

Congratulations to chronomaxx!

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