This Underwear Promises To Save Your “Love Muscle”

VylyV warns that "sedentary lifestyles are putting planet earth's manhood in serious danger."

What if your underwear didn’t just cover your manhood, but actually helped to strengthen it? That’s the idea behind the new training underwear from VylyV.

A video promoting the company’s new VylyV Swift underwear urges men to take care of their “most precious gift—the love muscle,” also known as the pelvic floor. This part of the body affects prostate health and controls erections, but the company warns that most of us fail to engage it in our daily lives.

YouTube/ VylyV Lab

VylyV’s underwear hopes to save the day by strengthening your pelvic floor and core muscles to improve men’s health and peak sexual performance.

Already available as training shorts, the underwear contains a sensor system that promises to monitor even the slightest muscle contraction. It gets synced to an app, of course, which provides you with a customized workout plan to motivate users to do their daily pelvic-floor exercises.

YouTube/ VylyV Lab

Within a month, the product claims it will “raise the angle and increase the hardness of your erection,” and after six months it promises to improve the health of your prostate and “unlock the secret to multiple orgasms.”

The company hopes to start a Kickstarter campaign to bring the underwear to life, and you can visit their site or check out the video below for more information.


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