Underwear Model Parker Hurley Covered In Paint: PHOTOS


“We loves working with Parker [Hurley],” said photographer Gabriel Gastelum, who Tumbled a photo of the hot underwear model drenched in paint. It’s a favorite medium for Gastelum, who previously covered models Colby Melvin and Cory Frederick in a bright array of colors.

In these teaser images, Gastelum slathered Hurley in red and black paint for a tone that’s darker than their previous shoot. “The [last one] was really lighthearted and fun. So this one went in the complete opposite direction. Don’t know what to name the editorial yet, but I’m thinking Kitsune-Tsuki,” says Gastelum, referencing Japanese folklore about people being possessed by foxes.

Hurley suggested a different suggestion on his Tumblr: “Dancing with the devils colors”