MTV’s New Show “Undressed” Gets At The Naked Truth Of Dating—And Includes A Gay Trump Voter


Usually there’s a little hesitation if you are about to get naked in front of someone you just met, but what if you had to do it on national TV while answering questions about yourself?

That’s the premise behind MTV’s Undressed, a reality competition series from production company Bunim/Murray (The Real World, The Challenge) will feature two contestants who get to know one another by answering questions and performing challenges prompted by a large video screen.


In a new preview for the series, watch couples get undressed on a bed in a black room with a giant screen that flashes questions and they discuss topics like monogamy and politics. It seems like things get heated between a gay couple on the show when one guy asks the other, “As a gay man, how could you vote for Trump?”


They said never to bring up politics or religion at the dinner table, but apparently those rules don’t apply when you’re naked in bed. Watch the teaser below.

Undressed premieres August 16 at 11/10c on MTV.

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