Get The “Sausage Party Started” With New “UnREAL” Season 3 Trailer

"And... panty drop."

UnREAL, the critically-acclaimed Lifetime series about the making of a Bachelor-esque dating show called Everlasting, returns tonight for a third season—and this time it’s ladies choice.

In the trailer for Season 3, Everlasting’s cutthroat producer, Quinn (Constance Zimmer), once again enlists the help of Rachel (Shiri Appleby) to make sure things go smoothly during filming—but nothing ever goes according to plan when it comes to Everlasting.

The new season promises lots of drama, but also plenty of eye candy since this time it will be a group of men vying for the heart of bachelorette Serena (Caitlin FitzGerald).

“There’s a lot of really hot guys, there are always going to be big twists and turns and watching with your hand over your mouth, that kind of stuff,” executive producer Stacy Rukeyser told Entertainment Weekly. “But the stuff that really excites me is this journey that they’re on… So, come for the hot naked abs and [laughs] stay for the feminist exploration underneath.”

Sounds good to us!


Check out the new trailer below for hot hunks in Speedos, the return of cutie Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman and dialed-up drama—because it is UnREAL, after all.

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