Urine Trouble! Justin Bieber Takes Piss Break In Bucket, Tour De France Bicyclist Gets Doused With Pee-Pee

It’s looking to be an ugly week for the stars, and not just because of the heat: Two high-profile figures have a pee problem that landed them both in the papers.

Justin Bieber had to go number one really bad, and apparently there was no boy’s room nearby. So the ever resourceful J-Beebs unzipped and peed in a handy mop bucket. Of course, one of his “friends” recorded video of the pop brat’s “quick little piss break.” TMZ released the 40-second clip on Wednesday, with a comment from the pal: “You know, you’ll forever remember that,” a friend declares. “You’re not gonna remember him pissin’ in the restroom. Like everybody does that.”  As disturbing as that image is, we’re more freaked out at the fact that Bieber shouted “Fuck Bill Clinton” as he drained the main vein. Are you trying to give Amanda Bynes a run for her money?mark-cavendish-pic-getty-images-913119360-143185

And speaking of golden show-ers, British cyclist Mark Cavendish had a less intentional run in with pee: He had a bottle of urine thrown at him during Wednesday’s Tour de Fource time trial. Cavendish got nailed riding from Avranches to Mont-Saint-Michel, likely payback for a wreck with other competitors on Tuesday.

“Probably some spectators were not very pleased with what happened yesterday and they yelled to him and then one other idiot threw urine at him,” said team manager Patrick Lefevere said. “I regret this. I always felt that cycling fans were gentlemen, enthusiastic people. Mark is sad, he’s not upset.”

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