Ursula The Sea Witch Accidentally Decapitated During Disney Ride

"What the hell happened to her head?"

Some poor, unfortunate souls found themselves in the middle of a waking nightmare at a recent visit to Disney’s California Adventure.

In the middle of an otherwise routine trip through Ariel’s Undersea Adventure last week, riders were confronted by a decapitated animatronic Ursula the Sea Witch—which continued singing and dancing with its robotic head dangling off its body.

Headless Ursula The Sea Witch GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
There’s no word yet on just how the Sea Witch lost her head, or how long the ride continued with the deformed cyborg powering through her set, but videos of the mishap popped up on social media, revealing riders were just a bit freaked out by the experience.

“What the hell happened to her head?” one guest can be heard exclaiming. “It’s so scary!”

In another clip, a child whines, “It’s broken!”

Apparently, the problem was contagious: The same weekend, the Auctioneer in Disneyland Paris’ Pirates of the Caribbean ride also lost his head.

Should we be worried that an animatronic Red Queen is on the loose?

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