TV Station Bumps “Days Of Our Lives” For Gay Story, Obama Meets Russian LGBTs: Today In Gay

Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith in "Days of Our Live"

Utah TV station KSL-TV has moved Days of Our Lives to 1:05am. The channel didn’t give a reason, but since it also pre-empted The Playboy ClubSaturday Night Live and The New Normal, we figure it’s over DOOL’s gay storyline with Will and Sonny (above). Hmm, that move might have more bite if fans couldn’t just watch the episodes online  for free.

President Obama met with LGBT activists today in St. Petersburg, where he had come for the G-20 summit.  Towleroad reports Obama met with Igor Kochetkov of the Russian LGBT Network and Olga Lenkova of Coming Out for more than an hour. “I got my start as a community organizer, somebody who was working in what would be called an NGO in the international community,” the President told the group, which also included  U.S. ambassador to Russia Mike McFaul, National Security Advisor Susan Rice and other Russian social activists. “I got elected president by engaging people at a grass roots level.”

daniel-radcliffe-kill-your-darlings-set-03192012-08He’s currently co-starring in the Beat poet flick Kill Your Darlings (right) but actor Dane DeHaan is taking on another 1950s icon, James Dean, in the upcoming film Life, which co-stars Robert Pattinson as Dean’s photographer friend Dennis Stock.

Hmm, wonder if there’ll be any homoerotic subtext?

chippendales-picAlan Ball is set to direct I Am Chippendales about Somen Banerjee, the founder of the iconic male strip show who was eventually jailed for murder and racketeering. And if there’s no homoerotic subtext in this film, we have absolutely no desire to see it.

Production on the weekly Arab newspaper The Week has been suspended after the paper ran an article that portrayed Oman as being lenient on homosexuality. There was a public outcry (even from Oman’s journalists’ union) and government consultant Tawfiq Al Lawati told Gulf News “The tone of the article seemed that there was an attempt to promote the unnatural act as natural.”  Editors at The Week, the country’s largest paper, printed an apology, stating  “there was never any intention to knowingly or unknowingly cause harm, offend or hurt the sentiments of the people.”

According to the Arab news site Al Bawaba, “despite the practice [of homosexuality] being illegal, [Oman] is widely seen across the region as more tolerant than its neighbours—if activities are conducted discretely.”

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