Valentine’s Day: Underwear That Will Drive Him Wild With Love (or Lust)


Valentine’s Day is just about here and out friends at the Underwear Expert have some ideas about underwear that will put your man in the mood.

When it comes to V-Day, though, you can go two ways: the sweet path or the raunchy path. If you’re looking to pull off cute, stick with colors that pop, prints that make a statement, and fabrics that are soft and sensual. If you’d rather spice it up, opt for darker tones, revealing cuts, and fabrics that border on kink.

We’ve rounded up examples from our favorite brands to share with you, and separated them into two categories, “Love” and “Lust.” Check it out below.


Andrew Christian - Trophy Boy Flaunt Brief

Andrew Christian, Trophy Boy Brief.

teamm8 Bolt Briefteamm8, Bolt Brief

Ginch Gonch - Mean Pink Lowrise Brief copy

Ginch Gonch, Mean Pink Lowrise Brief


Andres Velasco - Leopard Mesh Bodysuit

 Andres Velasco, Leopard Mesh Bodysuit

Slick It Up - Gladiator Trunk copy

Slick It Up, Gladiator Trunk

Gregg Homme - Impulse Thong

Gregg Homme, Impulse Thong

Photo Credit: Andrew Christian, teamm8, Ginch Gonch, Andres Velasco, Slick It Up, Gregg Homme. For more suggestions and photos, head on over to The Underwear Expert.