32 Pics And Gifs Of Birthday Boy Van Hansis

Ever since I started writing for this site eons ago (back when it was AfterElton), Van Hansis is one of the actors I’ve spent the most time writing about. I had the privilege of liveblogging a great deal of the Nuke storyline, and all of the LuRe storyline on As The World Turns, and even when that ended, Van was still in the picture, either from indie films such as Occupant, or stage work.

This year he came roaring back in the wildly successful web series Eastsiders, and we are all eagerly awaiting Season Two.

In the meantime, Van celebrates his 32nd birthday today, so here is a collection of pics and gifs from over the years, that celebrate his many, many, many different looks.

The last pic will be of special interest to ATWT fans.

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