Vanna White’s Son Says He Might Be Gay, Dating Hare Krishna

 vanna white nikko
Vanna White’s son, Nikko, is dating a male Hare Krishna he met at the University of Arizona, reports The National Enquirer. (And before you scoff—Nikk0 has confirmed the relationship in interviews.)

The 19-year-old Nikko says he and Jaycee Akinsanya, 34, have “a special relationship”, explaining that ‘It’s the closest I’ve ever been with anyone. It’s just spiritual and wonderful and there is chemistry – and if there’s sex also, so be it. It doesn’t matter!’

vanna white nikkoFor now, Nikko is “undecided” about his orientation: “I have had one girlfriend and never had a real boyfriend. We are just happy to be together, loving each other in whatever way possible,” he said. “Gay? It’s possible.”

Jaycee has met Nikko’s wheel-turning mom and restaurant mogul dad, George Santo Pietro. While the meeting was described as a “success,” Vanna White and her ex worry Jaycee is exploiting Nikko for his family’s millions and possibly brainwashing him into becoming a Hare Krishna.

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“Vanna Whitecan’t believe what’s happened to Nikko,” a “source” told The Enquirer. “But she doesn’t know what to do because she doesn’t want to lose Nikko to this religious cult.” Nikko maintains the $1 million he asked his parent for was for expenses: “food, gas and for living my spiritual life with Jaycee.”

Um, we don’t remember Domino’s and ramen noodles costing a million bucks when we were in college.



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