“Veronica Mars” Trailer: The 7 Best (Hottest) Parts

Veronica Mars, almost 10 years after its original debut as a “noir drama” on the CW, remains one of the most binge-worthy series ever. If you haven’t watched season one yet, you should, because you’ll experience an accelerating level of drama, suspense, and serious fear that should propel you right to the season finale. A phenomenal show, and maybe my favorite theme song of the past 15 years.

Veronica (Kristen Bell) and her whole crew (including her dad, the fine character actor Enrico Colantoni) are back for the Kickstarter-funded Veronica Mars movie, and it comes out in theaters March 14. Here are the seven most important parts of its new, flashy, expectedly sassy trailer.

1. Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring) is hotter than ever. And perhaps… the murderer?!


Looks like Logan Echolls is a suspect in his girlfriend’s murder, and that sends him running back to V.I. War-mars-ski for consultation. Thank God, is my first instinct. His devilish, earthwormy visage is sexier than ever. Logan is one of those characters you feel a little stupid for finding attractive, as he’s never treated Veronica all that well, but he’s nonetheless intriguing and I’m psyched the movie is mostly about his scary intrigue. This is some Tyrone Power-in-Witness for the Prosection business here!

2. Dick Casablancas ( ) is hotter than ever, and also still infuriating.


Dick Casablancas. Funny. Endearing. Completely infuriating. He’s got it all.

Not sure how much of his smarmy bro antics I can stomach over a 90-minute caper, but he’s very much the same. He shows up at the door shirtless with a beer in hand to great Veronica. He wears a flash on his belt. He wears a powder blue suit. He makes you roll your eyes, but usually with a laugh.

3. Max Greenfield! Heyyyyyy. Hotter than ever, I see.


Max Greenfield is certainly funny on New Girl (Emmy-nominated funny, in fact), but he’ll always be Deputy Leo D’Amato, the affable beige-clad hottie from Veronica Mars. Glad and not surprised to see he’s still great-looking, even in his (gasp) polo shirt. 

4. Wallace Fennel (Percy Daggs III)? Oh. Hey. He also looks hotter than ever.


Wallace Fennel rarely got a chance to command much attention on Veronica Mars, so here’s hoping he gets to do it with his… perhaps wonderful body. That’s my hypothesis.

5. Sigh. Piz. (Chris Lowell.) You look good. And you’re still terribly dull.


Apparently there are people who consider themselves Team Piz? Good for them? I’m not suggesting Logan Echolls is viable husband material, but Piz is Piz, guys. He is goofy hot and goofy boring, and nothing about him immediately screams, “Potentially a murderer.” That’s the kind of stimulation a onetime female detective needs.



Laurie Strode is finally at a summit with Veronica Mars. Perfect.

7. Oh: And Veronica hasn’t changed a bit.


The secretly endearing thing about Veronica — aside from her general intelligence and savviness — is that she doesn’t quite pull off her one-liners. They always sound a little stilted coming out of her mouth, and that lends an air of fallibility to her otherwise flawless character. Kristen Bell looks great, seems exactly like the Veronica we remember, and is ready to use what looks like a crowbar to get the job done. I’m in.

But hey: Where’s Weevil?