Viceland Celebrates Trans Awareness Week With New Doc “T-Girls”

"It's never too late to start transitioning."

In time for Trans Awareness Week, Viceland’s weekly docuseries, Balls Deep is airing a special episode entitled “T-Girls” that features two transgender women in the Bronx.

balls deep t girls 2

In this episode, host Thomas Morton follows Ti’ara Chanel and Chanel “International” Lopez (no relation) as they “navigate the difficulties, rushes, and drag balls of transitioning in 2016, with the support of their newly assembled gay families.”

In the trailer below watch Lopez talk to Morton about waiting to transition until she was in her thirties.


Balls Deep: “T-Girls” airs Thursday, November 17 at 10/9c on Viceland.

Check out the new video, “Fill in the Blank: Coming Out Later in Life” below.

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