Vicky & Lysander Shoot Artists Against Inhumanity PSA

Our new Logo pals Vicky and Lysander do not spend all their time just galavanting and partying and getting their photo taken. No they do not. In fact, they spend most of their days working on a cause that is very near, and dear, to their hearts — their charity, Artists Against Inhumanity.

Watch above as this selfless and benevolent couple give you all the information you need to know about this amazing charity, the incredibly inhumane things they are hoping to end and their upcoming gala.

Then go out, get your tickets, and be sure to come back next Wednesday, December 19, at 3 pm on the button, for the premiere of our new web series Vicky & Lysander.

Don’t you want to know how the 1% lives?

‘Vicky & Lysander’: Logo Launches New Web Series