‘Vicky & Lysander’: Logo Launches New Web Series

Fresh off the heels of the successful run of Hunting Season (hailed by Buzzfeed and Queerty as one of the five best web series of the year and clocking in over 300K streams since launch and counting), LogoTV.com today announced that it has secured the rights to comedic online series Vicky & Lysander.” Created, written by and starring LES* Film Festival founders Shannon Walker (Vicky) and Damon Cardasis (Lysander), Vicky & Lysander follows the twisted and hilarious antics of a nouveau riche, deluded Manhattan couple who work tirelessly to climb the New York social ladder.  Vicky & Lysander is comprised of ten episodes and premieres Wednesday, December 19th at 3 PM ET on LogoTV.com with new episodes posting each Wednesday at 3 PM ET.

“Our first original web series, Hunting Season, performed incredibly well, so we’re thrilled to continue that tradition with a completely different kind of program from this talented group of writers and performers,” said Charles Runnette, Online Editorial Director for Logo.  “Logo’s always looking for ways to bring compelling entertainment to our audience, and web series like Vicky & Lysander are the perfect way to do it.”

Winner of “Best Borderline Performance Art” in New York Press for their “Best of Manhattan 2010” issue, and called “hilarious” by the NY Daily News, Vicky & Lysander originated as a 3-month, sold out performance in NY’s Lower East Side.  The comedy series, whose ten episodes average five minutes in length, features a ridiculous New York couple who attempt to regain their stake in New York High Society after being blacklisted.

Coming from old Southern money, Lysander is the type of guy every man wants to be and the man every girl wants to be with.  A jet-setting playboy known for his incredible DJ-ing skills (off his iPod shuffle), Lysander embodies downtown coolness.  His signature turtleneck makes him a standout at any art opening, and his fun flamboyant personality is the life of any party.

Being born into old Houston oil money, Vicky was a shoo‐in for NY society, quickly climbing the ladder and being seen on philanthropic boards throughout the city.

Whilst in the process of planning a gala for Artists Against Inhumanity, a very important fundraiser to fight “inhumane things,” but more importantly, serve as a showcase for all their cool artist friends and themselves, Vicky and Lysander learn that they have not been invited to the Met Ball this year.  The shocking revelation leads the couple from uptown to (gasp) downtown.

Vicky begins to unravel and a wedge grows between NYC’s most powerful couple. Will their love survive the challenge?  Will Vicky be able to overcome her societal woes and pull off this Artists Against Inhumanity Gala?  Will Lysander continue his climb to the top of the downtown scene?  With the help of their earthly guardian angels, Jethrob Barnaby (Lysander’s stylist), Jenny (a transsexual Cambodian fashion designer) and Tatanka io Tanka (Vicky’s shaman and BFF), there is nothing the New York power couple can’t take on.

Damon Cardasis (Lysander) is a NY-based writer, director and producer as well as a Co-Creator of The LES* Film Festival.  Prior to The LES* Film Festival he directed and produced the feature mockumentary March! and worked on the films The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, Doubt and Stop-Loss. He is currently running director Rebecca Miller’s production company, Round Films, and is the creator, writer and star of the new Logo TV web series Vicky & Lysander.  In addition to these projects he is writing a dark, comedic feature and has several other projects in development with Ms. Walker.

Shannon Walker (Vicky) is a writer, producer, and actor living in New York City.  Credits include writing and acting in the feature film, “March!,” the Lower East Side’s acclaimed dinner party Vicky & Lysander, and numerous independent films and off-Broadway shows.  She is also the co-creator of the LES* Film Festival, an annual extravaganza in Manhattan’s Lower East Side that features the work of bold independent filmmakers.

For more information on Vicky & Lysander, go to LogoTV.com.  For up-to-date Vicky & Lysander news and exclusives, join the Vicky & Lysander Facebook Page or follow the series stars on Twitter at @RealREALVicky (Vicky) and @thereallysander (Lysander).